Second Battle of Bull Run

Stonewall Jackson, Confederate General
Stonewall Jackson, Confederate General. Stock Montage / Getty Images


August 28-30, 1862

Other Names:

Manassas, Second Bull Run, Manassas Plains, Groveton, Gainesville, Brawner's Farm


Manassas, Virginia.

Key Individuals Involved in the Second Battle of Bull Run:

Union: Major General John Pope
Confederate: General Robert E. Lee, Major General Thomas J. Jackson, and Lieutenant General James Longstreet


Victory for the Confederate forces. 22,180 casualties.

Of those, 13,830 were Union soldiers.

Overview of the Battle:

Confederate Major General Thomas J. Jackson, also known as Stonewall Jackson, ordered an attack on a Federal column led by Major General John Pope as it was passing by him at the Warrenton Turnpike in Manassas, Virginia on August 28, 1862. Fighting occurred at the Brawner Farm and resulted in a stalemate. Pope felt that he had Stonewall Jackson trapped and dedicated the greatest amount of his army against Jackson's forces. The next day, he launched a number of attacks against Jackson. However, the attacks were repulsed and both sides took heavy casualties. 

At noon on the 29th, Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet arrived on the scene from Thoroughfare Gap and took his place on Jackson's right. The next day, Pope continued his attacks, in all likelihood he did not realize that Longstreet had arrived. The Confederate artillery was able to devastate a Union assault led by Fitz John Porter.

After this, Longstreet was able to counterattack with 28,000 men, the largest mass assault of the war. This crushed the Union left flank, driving the army back to Bull Run. However, a Union rearguard action prevented a complete disaster. On the 31st, General Robert E. Lee ordered the Confederate army to pursue.

 This was the most decisive battle of the Northern Virginia Campaign.

Significance of the Second Battle of Bull Run:

The Second Battle of Bull Run was a very important victory for the South. In fact, it was the most decisive battle in the Northern Virginia campaign for the Confederates.


Source: CWSAC Battle Summaries

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