Second Punic War Timeline

Chronology of the Second Punic War Fought Between Carthage and Rome

Ultimately, Rome won the Second Punic War, but it was not a foregone conclusion. This chronology includes references to some of the other fronts on which Rome was fighting at the same time and the importation of the stone Great Mother from Asia Minor that Rome brought home to help her reverse the trend and win the war.

Before the Second Punic War

[Spain] Hispania
Spain] Hispania. From A Classical Atlas of Ancient Geography by Alexander G. Findlay. 1849.
  • 236- Hamilcar in Spain
  • 228 - Hasdrubal in Spain
    New Carthage founded
    Rome forms alliance with Saguntum
  • 227 - Rome intervenes and forces Carthage to resign Sardinia to Rome, which makes Sardinia and Sicily its first provinces.
  • 221 - Hasdrubal dies
  • 219 - Hannibal becomes chief commander

Second Punic War

Runs of Cannae destroyed by Hannibal in the Punic Wars
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  • 218 - Hannibal in northern Italy. Battles of Ticinus and Trebia.
    Scipio sends his brother to Spain.
  • 217 - Roman naval victory off the Ebro. Battle at Lake Trasimenus
  • 216 - Battle of Cannae
    Revolts in central Italy and Capua.
  • 215 - Hannibal in southern Italy.
    Hasdrubal defeated at Dertosa.
    Alliance of Carthage with Philip and Syracuse.
  • 214 - Roman successes in Spain
    [214-05 1st Macedonian War]
  • 213 Hannibal occupies Tarentum.
    Roman Siege of Syracuse.
  • 212 - Siege of Capua.
    [Ludi Apollinares introduced]
  • 211 - Hannibal marches on Rome
    Capture of Syracuse and Capua.
    Scipios defeated in Spain
  • 210 - Fall of Agrigntum.
    Scipio Africanus goes to Spain
  • 209 - Tarentum recaptured. New Carthage Captured.
  • 208 - Death of Marcellus.
    Battle of Baecula
  • 207 - Defeat of Hasdrubal at Metaurus.
  • 206 - Battle of Ilipa. Conquest of Spain
  • 205 - Scipio goes to Sicily.
  • 204 - Cult stone of Great Mother brought from Asia Minor.
    Scipio goes to Africa.
  • 203 - Defeat of Syphax.
    Battle of the Great Plains. The defeat of Mago. Hannibal recalled.
  • 202 - Battle of Zama - Scipio victor.
  • 201 - Peace - Carthage becomes a client state.


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