How to Select Hidden Objects on PowerPoint Slides

Sometimes objects are hidden behind other graphic objects on a PowerPoint slide because objects may be stacked on top of each other. How do you select the hidden or smaller object that is on the bottom, without moving the top object?

Two Examples of This Situation

  • Scenario One: Your PowerPoint slide will play a musical selection while several slides are on the screen. However, you do not want the sound icon to show to the audience. Therefore, you placed it behind a graphic object so that no one will see the icon, but will just hear the music. Now, after rehearsing the slide show, you realize that you need to adjust the timing on the sound file, but it is hidden behind the graphic.
  • Scenario Two: You have created several slides that contain invisible hyperlinks to other slides. For example, on a chart of the annual sales, you have linked the third quarter sales to another slide. The invisible hyperlink you created is on top of the column on the chart showing the third quarter sales. Now, you want to change the color of the column, but the invisible hyperlink is in the way.​

The Solution

  1. Click the mouse outside the slide area, (or press the Esc key on the keyboard) so that nothing on the slide is currently selected.
  2. Use the Tab key on the keyboard to cycle through the graphic objects on the slide until the one you want to edit is selected.
  3. Edit the object.
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