Senses in French — Les Sens

French words related to the five — or is tt six? — senses

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Whenever you're learning a new language, learning the words relating to sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste are some of the first words you'll want to know to be able to make conversation.

The Five Senses — Les Cinq Sens

Sight - la vue, la vision

To look (at) - regarder

To see - voir

Visual (adj) - visuel

Eye - un œil, eyes - les yeux


Hearing - l'ouïe (fem)

To listen (to) - écouter

To hear - entendre

Aural (adj) - oral

Ear - une oreille


Taste - le goût

To taste (actively) - goûter

To taste (passively) - sentir (le goût de)

Gustatory (adj) - gustatif

Tongue - la langue


Smell - l'odorat (masc)

To smell (actively: to sniff) - renifler

To smell (passively) - sentir

Olfactory (adj) - olfactif

Nose - le nez


Touch - le toucher

To touch - toucher

To feel - sentir

Tactile (adj) - tactile

Hand - la main, skin - la peau

The Sixth Sense — Le Sixième Sens

ESP/extrasensory perception - la perception extrasensorielle

Clairvoyance - la voyance, le don de double vue

Psychic (adj) - télépathe

Psychic (noun) - un médium, un(e) télépathe

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