Sentence Transformation Quiz

Change These Sentences to Mean the Same Thing

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1. Never take your helmet off riding a motorcycle. -> Helmets must be worn _____ when riding a motorcycle. // all
2. That's why they paid for dinner. -> They paid for dinner ______ for their behavior. // order
3. It isn't necessary to bring skis. -> You _____ bring skis as they are included in the package. // have
4. I thought parking was allowed here. -> I _____ that parking was allowed here. // under
5. Tom said, "I will be playing tennis when you arrive." -> Tom said _____ tennis when I arrived.
6. When I was a child, we would go to the local park. -> When I was a child, _____ to the park every Saturday. // used
7. His daughter continued to cry until he could not be seen any longer. -> She continued to cry until he ____. // sight
8. I'm afraid that car is just too expensive. -> That car is _____. // means
9. They moved to this suburb in 1997. -> They _____ in this suburb since 1997. // lived
10. They managed to finish the project in time. -> They _____ the project in time for the presentation. // succeeded
11. Maurice didn't come to the meeting yesterday. Perhaps he was ill. -> Maurice _____ yesterday. // might
12. Jane allows her children to stay up to midnight on Saturday evenings. -> Jane _____ late on Saturdays. // lets
13. Can I accompany you to the party? -> Do you _____ to the party? // mind
14. I wish you didn't drive so fast. -> If _____ so fast. // only
15. I think Tom needs to see a doctor. His cough is terrible. -> With that terrible cough, Tom _____ a doctor. // ought
16. You should feel horrible! Why did you say that to Jack? -> _____! Why did you say that to Jack? // shame
17. The authorities said she wasn't responsible for the accident. -> The accident _____. // fault
18. "Why don't you take a holiday?", said Peter. -> Peter _____ a holiday. // suggested
Sentence Transformation Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Know Your Transformations!
I got You Know Your Transformations!. Sentence Transformation Quiz
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 You've got a great understanding of a wide range of English structures and how to use them in sentences. Great job!

Sentence Transformation Quiz
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I got Keep Learning, but Good Job!. Sentence Transformation Quiz
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 You understand a number of common sentence changes, but you'll need to review some more for big tests like the First Certificate. 

Sentence Transformation Quiz
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I got You'll Need Some Review. Sentence Transformation Quiz
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There are many ways to express the same idea in English. Keep studying these synonymous forms and you'll soon have mastered the art of sentence transformation.