September Themes, Holiday Activities, and Events for Elementary Students

September Calendar Events with Correlating Activities

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Here is a list of September themes, events, and holidays with correlating activities to go with them. Use these ideas for inspiration to create your own lessons and activities, or use the ideas provided.

Celebrate September Themes, Events, and Holidays all Month Long:

National Hispanic Heritage Month - Honor and celebrate all month long by choosing one of these crafts to do each week.

National School Success Month - A great way to start the school year off right is to discuss how important it is to succeed in school. A way you can do this is by having students create a list the first week of school and make sure to post it in the classroom.

Better Breakfast Month This month teach students about the importance of nutrition and eating breakfast.

September Holidays and Events with Correlating Activities

September 2nd - Labor Day - Celebrate Labor Day with these fun Flag activities, and quick crafts.

September 3rd - Uncle Sam's Birthday - Celebrate Uncle Sam's image first being used in 1813 by having students create this cute beaded craft.

September 4th - Newspaper Carrier Day - Celebrate the newspaper by trying a few of these newspaper activities with your students.

September 5th - National Cheese Pizza Day - Celebrate America's love of pizza by having a pizza party! What a great way to start the school year off right!

September 6th - Read a Book Day - Celebrate and honor reading by choosing from any of these 20 book activities.

International Literacy Day - Help students have a love for reading by providing them with any of the ten activities.

September 9th - Teddy Bear Day - Kindergarten children will love to celebrate this fun day. Have students bring in their favorite teddy bears from home, and read the story "A Pocket for Corduroy."

September 10th - Swap Ideas Day - This fun event encourages students to trade ideas and concepts with a fellow classmate. Partner students together to swap ideas on a concept of your choice.

September 10th - National Grandparents Day - Fun Fact: Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day, National Grandparents Day! Celebrate this fun day by having students write a poem, make a craft, or invite grandparents in school for a brunch and play.

September 11th - 9/11 remembrance Day - Honor the people who were killed in the World Trade Center by having students donate to the 911 fund.

September 13th - Positive Thinking Day - This is a day to remind students how important it is to always think positive. Group students together to come up with 5 ways they think they can think positive in certain situations.

Milton Hershey's Birthday - Honor this beloved chocolate maker by having students design their very own chocolate bar.

Ronald Dahl's Birthday Celebrate this beloved author by reading a few of his wonderful books to the class.

September 16th - Mayflower Day - Celebrate the day the Mayflower sailed from the Plymouth by learning about the voyage and coloring this beautiful picture.

National Play-Doh Day - A fun way to celebrate this day is by having students create a masterpiece out of Play-Doh. Kids can create an animal, object, or anything they wish.

September 17th - Citizenship Day -Honor this day by having students write an essay about how they can be a good citizen.

September 22nd - Band-Aid was Invented - A fun way to celebrate this day is to have students create a picture out of Band-Aids.

First Day of Autumn - Take a walk around the school grounds and have students observe how the trees, leaves, etc. are changing and discuss it together.


September 23rd - First Toy Store Opened - A fun way to celebrate this event is to have students invent their own toy.

Johnny Appleseed Day - Celebrate this historical figure with these lesson plans, and activities.

September 29th - Stanley Berenstain - Have a read-a-thon of every Berenstain book you can read in one day!

September 30th - Safety Pin was Invited - What would we do without this wonderful invention? Have students brainstorm unique ways to use a safety pin. Then have them put their idea to the test!