Serif PagePlus Starter Edition

Readers choose PagePlus SE as the best free software for desktop publishing.
Readers choose PagePlus SE as the best free software for desktop publishing.; Background boxshot (of PagePlus X4) Serif, Inc.

Serif PagePlus Starter Edition or SE, is one of only a few free desktop publishing software options for Windows. It's also one of the easiest to learn and easiest to use programs.

For small or home-based business owners printing their own business cards and for general creative printing it is my free software recommendation. If you find you need a little more power or need the pro features it's easy to upgrade to the full PagePlus package and you'll already know how to use the software.

What I Like About Serif PagePlus SE:

Besides being free? It's extremely easy to learn and easy to use. If you know little to nothing about using desktop publishing software you'll still be able to jump in and use the software to create a business card, a postcard, or a greeting card in just an hour or two. If it takes longer it's probably because you'll want to play around with all the presets, try out a bunch of templates, and switch fonts and color schemes over and over — but that's not a bad thing.

A few of the features you may find important:

  • Although the template selection is limited compared to the full version, there are still plenty to get you started and you can download more from the Serif site.
  • Works with Photoshop files and over two dozen other graphics file formats.
  • Can import Microsoft Word and files.
  • Master pages, layout guides, layers, multiple publications open at once (tabs).
  • Artistic and paragraph text, text on a path, text in a shape.
  • Quick shapes, cropping, transparency.
  • Table tool, Calendar insert.

What I Don't Like About Serif PagePlus SE:

Several of the pro features are disabled (well, duh) including PDF export and CMYK support. The Starter Edition has limited long document features (and a 5 page per document limit in SE).

If all you want or need to do is print projects to your desktop printer then this isn't a big deal.

Oh, and it's Windows only so Mac users will have to look elsewhere for their free desktop publishing software.

Download and Start Using Serif PagePlus Starter Edition:

Go to Serif to Download Serif PagePlus Starter Edition. You'll need to supply an email address then confirm it in order to get the download link and Product Key for your free software.

Tutorials specifically for PagePlus SE are scarce. That's probably because it is so easy to use that there isn't a lot of demand. However, I have rounded up a few good tutorials (and wrote one myself). Learn to use PagePlus SE or see what it is capable of by checking out these Serif PagePlus SE Tutorials.