How to Set up GoDaddy Email on Your Phone

Get all your mail on Android or iPhone

GoDaddy has partnered with Microsoft to offer its customers Outlook 365 email subscriptions for their small business email. When you set up a new GoDaddy email account, you’ll also have the option of starting a year long trial of the Outlook email service. So, if you’re using Outlook email from your GoDaddy account, you also probably want to link it up to your phone for easy access. Thankfully, it’s very simple with the Outlook app.

Install Outlook on Android

Before you can link up your account, you’ll need the Outlook app on your Android device.  

  1.  In the Play Store app download and install the Microsoft Outlook app.

    The Microsoft Outlook app should be the first result, but make sure you see the Microsoft logo before downloading the app, just to ensure you're getting the right one.

  2.  Press Install on the app page to start the process.

    Install Outlook for Android
  3.  When the app’s done installing, go ahead an launch it.

Get GoDaddy Email Set Up on Android

Once you have the Outlook app, then you’re ready to set up your GoDaddy email account. Because everything is part of Microsoft’s Outlook ecosystem, the process should go smoothly.

  1. When the Outlook app opens, Get Started.

  2. Outlook will allow you to import an account that’s already on your device. Your GoDaddy email isn’t, though, so you’ll need to press Skip in the lower right corner instead.

  3. Outlook will take you to a new window to enter your email address. Enter your Outlook 365 email address from GoDaddy in the text field provided and then tap Continue.

    Enter your GoDaddy email in Outlook for Android.
  4. Outlook will recognize that your account is with GoDaddy and take you to a new sign in screen with your email address already there. Enter your password, and tap Sign In.

  5. Outlook will then ask if you want to add another account. It’s probably best to select Skip in the bottom left for now.

  6. Outlook will drop you into your GoDaddy Microsoft 365 inbox. You’re ready to start using your account on your Android device.

    Sign in to GoDaddy email on Outlook for Android.

Get GoDaddy Email Set Up on iOS

The setup process is different for iOS devices, but it's still easy to get your GoDaddy email on your iPhone using Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft 365.

  1. Open your Settings app, and select Passwords & Accounts.

  2. Press Add Account.

  3. The next screen will show the available account types. Choose Microsoft Exchange.

  4. Enter your email address along with a short description to help identify it. Then, press Next.

  5. You'll be asked one last time if you want to sign in to your account. Confirm by pressing Sign in.

  6. The screen will shift to an Microsoft 365 sign in. Enter the password for your email address, and press Sign in.

  7. From there, you'll be asked to consent to allow the mail app and Office to work together. Press Accept.

  8. You'll return to your account settings from there. Make sure that the account is set up how you want, and press Save in the upper right.

  9. Your GoDaddy Microsoft 365 email account will now be added to your iOS Mail app, and you'll be able to access your inbox and send mail through it.

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