Shadow Hat Man Seemed to Slow Down Time

Bob has been seeing the shadow man in his apartment, but something weird happened when it passed by him

I've been learning so much about shadow people. I never knew others have seen the same thing. I live in Coffeyville, Kansas. I moved into an apartment building built in the 1920s. It along with the Midland Theater next door are known for paranormal activity.

I've lived here 12 years and met the shadow man soon after I moved in.

At first I'd see movement, but really never looked. As I started looking when I first realized something was there, a dark shadow of a man would walk across the room along the east wall. I told friends about what I called the shadow man, not knowing that it was so widely known.

It wears what I call a "Dick Tracy" hat; it's called a fedora. He wears a trench coat with the collar turned up. There are no details, just the definite dark shape.

One time I sensed the shadow coming from behind me and on my left, as I turned in my chair my head and shoulders passed through the shadow. Time seemed to go in slow motion. What was one second seemed like 60. The shadow passed and on into the wall.

I've never seen it again in that area of my apartment. I've never felt any fear.

I had one experience that at first I didn't know what to think. The shadow man is always the same: never moves anything, just walks by.

I got up one morning and all my shoes and boots had been taken out of the closet and placed in a line, as if someone was stepping out of my bedroom. The shadow man or a ghost playing tricks.

I've been sad the last couple of years. A new company bought the building and did a big remodel, and for whatever reason I don't see the shadow nearly as often as I used to.

It is an amazing experience to witness and not be afraid, but thrilled. I've never tried to say one word and have never heard a sound. I can't tell you how happy I am to share my experience because the people who read it can relate.

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