Shadow People Around My Bed

Brandon had a recurring experience of waking up to find shadow people standing around his bed

This took place in Carthage, Texas during my last two years of high school, which was 2010-2012. I was plagued with horrendous nightmares. They were so bad that I would be awoken in the middle of the night every single night. Imagine your worst fears on steroids times 100 and you will understand how bad they were.

Every time I would wake up, I would see shadowy figures standing around my bed staring at my very soul. Unfortunately, they would disappear after a second or two, but I got a good, clear look at one of them. They were tall, almost transparent, slender, and had piercing red eyes. Every night I would try to count to see how many there were. After two solid months of attempts, I counted seven distinct and clearly different shadow beings.

I did some research and found out that the beings are called shadow people. There were various theories as to what shadow people are: demons, ghosts, time-travelers, aliens, even the wacky theory that they're inter-dimensional beings.

They appear at night whilst their "target" is asleep. Their intentions are to torment and cause massive panic and fear in their "target". I talked to my pastor and he told me that shadow people are a type of demon that likes to go after those chosen by God to spread his word and glory.

Upon realizing what I was going up against every night, I did more research, this time fueled by caffeine induced all-nighters, on how to stop them and prevent them from coming back. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything that would not cause rumors of total insanity within my family and friends.

It wasn't until I graduated high school in 2012 that I learned of a way to protect myself from shadow people. Some say that a gift from someone that loves you very much, such as a spouse or your special someone or your family, has special properties that keep you safe from harm. Now a locket from your hubby won't deflect bullets or keep you from being hurt in a car accident.

The day after I graduated, I had a graduation party that I shared with my girlfriend at the time. I received the normal kinds of gifts you get at a graduation party, but I was given something that I still keep to this day. After the main festivities, my girlfriend pulled me aside and handed me a box. She said it was from her and her grandmother, who thought the two of us would be together forever.

The box was cardboard and approximately a foot and a half long and a foot wide. I opened the box and pulled out a ceramic, rustic cross. As I said before, gifts from loved ones tend to have special properties that keep you safe, and this was a cross. I thought to myself that this was a double whammy to the shadow people that plagued me every night. I immediately went to my room and placed it on my wall above my bed. I went back to my party and continued with the festivities.

That night, I fell asleep a lot faster than normal. No horrendous nightmare, but I was awoken that night by almost seven distinct growls that only I heard. I was amazed that only I heard it because the growls were loud, angry and full of rage. I sat up in my bed that night and saw the shadow people staring at me once again. I knew I had no reason to fear now that I had some form of protection from them.

I watched as they disappeared downward through my floor. To this day I never have had a shadow people induced nightmare. To anyone who reads this, know that there is a way to keep yourself safe from them.

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