Shadow People Encounters - True Stories

Are these shadowy figures ghosts? Interdimensional beings? Time travelers? Something darker and more evil? Whatever they are, they seem to be sighted with increasing frequency. Here are true stories of sightings and encounters with these entities.

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Battle with Something Dark

When Blair was 20 years old, something black came in to her room and moved all over her bed.

In Cranbrook, B.C., Canada, Matthew witnessed a cloaked black figure glide through my closed door. More »
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Black Hand

This reader heard a voice whisper her name, and her sister saw its black hand holding a door.

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Black Mass at the Irish Abbey

At a 17th century abbey in Ireland, Von sees a huge shadow mass rushing toward him.

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Brother's Ghost

"I saw movement at the foot of my bed. As I watched, the dark shape of something that looked like a human moved from the foot of my bed up to where my head was...."
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Cemetery Shadow People

"I think it has something to do with living across from a cemetery and taking walks through it. I saw three times a tall dark shadow man...."
"My bedroom door would move on its own, and so would some of my books. Also, I would hear strange footsteps and voices calling my name...." More »
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Church Shadow Man

Amanda and her brother were exploring an old church when they saw a shadow figure growing out of the floor.

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Cloaked Figure During Astral Flight

"When I opened my eyes I could see a dark figure in the corner of my eye. It looked like a dark, cloaked figure...."
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The Closet Entity

"From the moment I set foot in that house, I had the creepiest sensation that we were not wanted...."

Tabby saw a shadow thing leaping around her boyfriend's room; it even knocked over a lamp. More »

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The Conjured Spirit

Julius's father was an espiritista: one who conjures up the spirits of the dead. What he may have conjured was something not of this world.

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The Creeping Shadow

"I turned my head to the left and watched in amazement at some sort of shadow that seemed to have long, curled fingers stretch from beneath the lamp, over the side of the couch and onto the floor in front of me...."
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The Demon's Noose

"As the demon slowly approached me, I got more and more terrified...."
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Entity at the Floating House

In Madison County, North Carolina, Jan sees a large black shape dart past the window, and ...

At first Dawnelle hears a jingling sound and thought it was a dog with a collar, but when she got a better look at it, it was no dog! More »

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Ghouls of the Catacombs

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God-Fearing Shadow Person Stalker

Shunt, who is now in his 20s, has been seeing the same shadow person since he was 5.

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Grim Reaper in the Field

"I looked out the window again, it there it was again. But this time it had moved closer. I could clearly see it was a pale figure in black. It looked exactly like the Grim Reaper...."

Petra, a kindergarten director, was working when she saw a shadow figure walk through the hall, looking at her. More »

Amber is doing her homework when she gets that feeling that someone is watching her, and then.... More »

Megan heard someone walking outside her window, and when she looked out, a tall, dark, solid-looking shadow was staring straight back at her. More »

In Godfrey, Illinois, Amber would see small, black, human-like figures disappear into the wall. More »
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Haunted House Tale

Adam is startled by a shadow person while doing the dishes.

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Haunted in New Albany

"As the pressure got worse and the bed kept sinking, there was a horrible noise, almost like a cat just let out a huge scream of some sort...."
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Hooded Being Possessed Our Car

He awoke in the wee hours of the morning, terrified. There was a hooded being standing in the doorway, which he said was the blackest black he had ever seen.
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Hot Lake Hotel Ghosts

"When I stood and looked around, I saw two shadow faces watching me from the windows...."

Lizzie was trying to nap when she saw a misty black fog that she believes was intelligent -- it was looking at her. More »

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Intelligent Smoke

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Kids Are Seeing Ghosts

"My son has seen someone, too, but he is terrified of it and will cling on to me so tight he digs his nails into my skin. He is two years old and says it's a little girl he sees...."
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The Little Gray Man

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The Looming Shadow

Mother turns her head in shock to see a figure looming over her, described it as totally black, even darker than the room itself.
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More Shadow People Stories

More true encounters with shadowy entities.

Maurice sees a muscle-bound shadow person peering in his kitchen window. More »

"There was something watching me just on the other side of my blanket. I could even hear it breathing just inches from my face...." More »
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Mysterious Figures

Her husband said when he was going to bed he could feel someone pulling on his toes.
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Nazi Shadow Man

Pascal sees a black, shapeless shadow that floated in mid-air and dove away behind my back.
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Nine-Foot Entity

Weird noises erupt from the woods outside: chilling squeals and howls that sound like no animal known... then...
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Oil Tanker Shadow People

"There was a loud crash in the kitchen and the sound of heavy footsteps running up the back stairs...." More »
"I felt a buzzing sound. As looked up, a head, covered in what resembled an old, dirty potato sack, floated from behind a tree, passed me by 3 feet in front of my eyes, stopped, and then continued behind another tree where it simply vanished...." More »
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The Pushing Shadow People

The story of a small toddler that might have been pushed down the stairs by a shadow person.

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Robed Figure in Puerto Rico

Kate was putting away some towels for her mom when he encountered a tall black figure wearing a robe.

"Alone in the dark bathroom, what appeared to me was a black-caped arm that grabbed the corner of the door and pried it open toward me. As I saw this, I was full of fear, knowing what I would see next was not my parents, and wondering what the heck could it be...." More »
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Scary Dark Man

Chris was 12 when he entered his parents' bedroom and saw a scary-looking shadow man lying on their bed!

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Scary Shadow-Being

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Seven Foot Shadow Man

"It was sitting in a chair, but seemed to be about six to seven feet tall. He had a top hat and a cape or a long coat...."
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You've heard of shadow people and maybe even shadow cats and dogs. How about a shadow bird? More »

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Shadow Figures in the Graveyard

In Morristown, New Jersey, Maria and friends enter the graveyard with the idea to find out what the tower in the center of the graveyard was about.

When she was 7, A.M. saw a shadown person with a squarish head -- like the Frankenstein monster. More »

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The Shadow Ghost

At Happy Valley in Adelaide, South Australia one very stormy night, this dude sees a jet-black, human-shaped and -sized shadow.

Spending the night at his girlfriend's house around Halloween, Tony is terrified. More »

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Shadow Man in Trenchcoat

In South Eastern Missouri, Jessie remember looking over to the archway and seeing a shadow figure standing there.
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Shadow Man's Visit

"This shadow thing walked over slowly to the head of my bed from the foot of my bed and I leaned up and...."
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Shadow Man with Hat

In 1983, Dottie was the process of selling her home when she had an experience that is burned into her memory.

This reader was watching TV, then during a commercial got up and came face-to-face. so to speak, with a shadow person. More »

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Shadow People of the Haunted Parque de las Ciencias

Jose recounts his experiences while working the midnight shift at the famous Parque de las Ciencias in Puerto Rico.
"Christmas day, 2011, we were unwrapping our gifts when I noticed an enormous black misty form take shape in the adjoining room...." More »
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Shadow-Self Experience at the Railway Station

Brian experiences a weird shadow entity that continually calls him.

Juan hears noises in his kitchen, then sees a shadow figure, a silhouette of a man walking like a soldier. More »

When Williow and her husband investigate some mysterious upstairs noises, they see shadow figures ducking around corners. More »

LP's aunt swears she saw a small shadow creature, and that it might have caused a blackout. More »

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Shadowy Puddle Entity

It was upright, like an actual three-dimensional figure, hopping and walking with a weird manner. Its arms were bent and swinging toward its body, as if it were dancing or something.
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Shared Shadow Man Encounter

"In front of a mini fridge I saw what looked like the shadow of a human figure, head shoulders and body...."
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Smoke Monster

After moving into a new house, Shelly sees a white smoky figure.
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Spook Spooked the Cat

"My pure white cat Casper was walking toward me, but a little more to her left, when she stopped dead in her tracks and looked up. The hairs on her back stood up, her tail got puffy, and she started hissing...."
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Staring Shadow Man

Silhouetted against the light coming through the curtains was the figure of a person, just standing there looking at Lee.
"I noticed this figure out of the corner of my eye, literally standing next to my bed. It was black, extremely thin with long arms and legs...." More »
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The Strange Black Thing

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Strolling Shadow Person

While working her laptop, Christine sees a dark shadow come from her right and pass in front of her legs.
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Super-Fast Entity

In Tularosa, New Mexico, in less than a second a man disappeared and appeared in front of the door and started hitting it.

Samson sees the shadow figure of a long-haired woman -- and other apparitions. More »

Feeling depressed, this girls becomes so obsessed with the occult that she and my environment begins to change. More »
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Things Come Out at Night

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Threatened by Swamp Shadows

On a three-mile-long stretch of road in New York State, Chris sees red and green eyes watching him.
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Top Hat Man Reappears

14-year-old Bill awakes in his grandparents' house to see a dark grinning entity glaring at him.

A blue shadow person in the shape of a little kid is seen. More »
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The Watcher

"I also have never seen the alleged "red eyes." Perhaps those are only characteristic of the malevolent beings...."