Shadow Woman Appears at My Bed

Frank shares an encounter with a terrifying shadow woman who appeared at the foot of his bed

I started to look into the "shadow phenomenon" after my last encounter with these demonic beings, which is what I call them. Over the years, I've experienced a few, about 5 encounters -- three different, two the same. In each encounter, I was completely paralyzed until I managed to speak the name of Jesus clearly from my lips.

My last encounter happened sometime in November, 2015. It was a little after 2 a.m. I had gone to bed, and I like listening to my headset with comforting and relaxing music as I drift off to sleep. As I lay there, completely relaxed and almost ready to go into a deep sleep, I felt someone come into my room.

Normally, I would open my eyes to see who it is and then try to go back to sleep, but this time I opened my eyes and was immediately startled as there was a shadow of a woman with long black hair parted down the middle and what seemed like a long flowing gown or robe. I could not see her face, it was shadowed, but I knew it was a woman.

Because I've experienced encounters like this in the past, I've learned to confront and rebuke these spirits by calling out the name of Jesus. But I have to admit, this encounter shook me up a bit. On this occasion, when I opened my eyes and was startled by what I saw, my immediate reaction was to kick this thing with my foot, as she was standing at the foot of my bed, on the left side.

What freaked me out was that I had made contact with it and felt my foot touch it. On impact, this thing vaporized into a black mist and hovered above my bed, specifically in a corner of the room, until I managed to speak the name of Jesus.

It's very difficult to speak when your whole body has been paralyzed by something that has a hold of you.

As soon as I said the name, this mist, which looked like a mixture of black smoke and some kind of electrical current, just disintegrated.

I sat up and tried to comprehend what just happened and why? But just figured it was something I may have to get used to, and to be more prepared spiritually. I was not under any kind of substances or stress during these times.

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