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Shakespeare Plays - Our collection of study guides to Shakespeare Plays are designed to accompany your own reading. They are an ideal way to introduce newcomers and immerse more experienced readers deeper into Shakespeare Plays.


The Three Witches
The Three Witches. Imagno/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This Macbeth study guide is the ultimate guide to Shakespeare's shortest and most intense play. First performed in around 1605, the play follows the rise and fall of Macbeth who is brought down by his own excessive ambition.

Shakespeare Plays: 'Hamlet'
Shakespeare Plays: 'Hamlet'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery
Hamlet, written in around 1600, is regarded by many as Shakespeare’s greatest play – perhaps due to the psychological complexity of the central character. More »
Shakespeare Plays: 'Romeo and Juliet'
Shakespeare Plays: 'Romeo and Juliet'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery
Your ultimate study guide to one of Shakespeare's best loved plays. Find out why Romeo and Juliet has been so enduring. More »

'The Tempest'

Shakespeare Plays: 'The Tempest'
Shakespeare Plays: 'The Tempest'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery

Written in 1611, The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s last plays and reveals the Bard at his most imaginative and magical. In terms of the quality of language, The Tempest play is Shakespeare at his best.

Shakespeare Plays: 'Much Ado About Nothing'
Shakespeare Plays: 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Photo © Lee Jamieson
Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most memorable romantic comedies. First published in 1600, but probably written in 1598, the play enjoyed as much popularity then as it does today. More »
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