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 William Shakespeare is rightly considered to be the best writer and poet to have ever lived. Over 400 years after his death, his writing remains as popular as ever ... and as quotable as ever!

In this article, we bring together some of the best quote resources from across the Shakespeare pages of, arranged by theme and genre.

We hope you enjoy this collection of quotes and use it to track down the Bard's full plays and poems. Enjoy.

Where better to start than with an ultimate list of Shakespeare's best quotes, selected from all of his plays and sonnets. As you will discover, there is a reason the Bard is the most quoted writer in the history of literature. More »

The fight scene from 'Hamlet'
The fight scene from 'Hamlet'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery

Shakespeare's tragedies are a great source of poetic quotes - indeed, they are among the most famous in all literature. This is because Shakespeare's tragedies deal with epic themes that are timeless and continue to strike a chord with us today. 

This resource of top quotes from the tragedies demonstrates the Bard's remarkable ability as a writer. More »

The Women of 'Much Ado About Nothing'
The Women of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery

While the tragedies might provide grit and depth, Shakespeare's comedies offer a very different type of language for quote hunters. Wit and humor are key here, which means these quotes have really caught on.

Indeed, many have become part of our modern language. Modern-day phrases like “I’ll not budge and inch” and “the World’s my oyster” are lifted directly from the comedies.

In this resource, I guide you through the Bard’s comedy plays and pick the best quote from each. More »

'Romeo and Juliet'
'Romeo and Juliet'. Photo © NYPL Digital Gallery

Above all, Shakespeare is remembered as the world’s most romantic poet and dramatist. He is responsible for Romeo and Juliet and Sonnet 18, the greatest love story and poetry ever written.

Again, testament to this is how words invented by Shakespeare some 400 years ago have become part of our everyday language: When we think of a romantic lover, we describe him as a "bit of a Romeo". 

Shakespeare wrote so convincingly about love, his writing is as applicable today as it was in his own era. More »

Vasiliki Varvaki/E+/Getty Images

A lot of people die in Shakespeare's plays - a LOT! But the Bard is rarely flippant about death and he forces his characters to confront death in his plays.

In a move that was unusually subtle for the period in which he was writing, the character of Hamlet spends the entire play in a permanent state of grief working through the complex stages of grief. Just to put this into context, Hamlet was written many hundreds of years before the concept of psychology had been established.

Like love, death is a universal theme as pertinent to us today as it would have been to Shakespeare’s audience four centuries ago. 

In this article, we have mined the Bard’s plays and sonnets for the Top 10 Shakespeare death quotes. More »

Threaded with some of the most beautifully constructed verse, Richard III is one of Shakespeare's masterpieces. Whilst plays like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet may be more famous, quotes from Richard III are more beautiful.

This play is a visceral account of the rise and fall of King Richard III, England's tyrant Monarch. Intelligent and devious to the last, Richard III is one of Shakespeare's best villains - and the language he uses reflects this.

We guide you through the top 10 quotes from Richard III. More »