How to Sharpen Your Snowboard's Edges

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How to Sharpen Your Snowboard's Edges

Snowboard being sharpened with sandpaper.
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Sharpening your snowboard's edges will help you to ride and carve in almost all conditions, (except in the park, where it's preferable to ride with dull edges to prevent them from catching when riding boxes and rails).

In the old days, sharpening your snowboard's edges required a degree of skill because most people used a normal hand file. But, improvements in edge file technology have made edge sharpening much easier. With the proper equipment, anyone should be able to sharpen their edges in about ten minutes after just a little instruction.

You'll need a ski/snowboard file guide and (optional) soft stone or hard-to and fine sandpaper (emery paper).

How to Sharpen Your Snowboard's Edges

  1. If your edges are very badly dinged up, it's best to use a soft stone or hard-to to smooth out the gouges and nicks in the edges.
  2. If the file guide is adjustable, set it to 90 degrees and then run it along the side edge of the board. It's important to only file in one direction. The generally accepted standard is to always file from tip to tail.
  3. There is no need to file in uncomfortably long strokes. Overlapping of short strokes is perfectly acceptable. The number of strokes required to sharpen any given section of rail will depend on how dull it is.
  4. Once the edge is sharp, you may want to clean off and smooth it with a piece of fine emery paper. If you're not sure whether your edge is sharp, you can check it by sliding the end of your fingernail perpendicular against the edge. If the edge is totally sharp, it will be able to cut into your fingernail.

Snowboard Sharpening for Complete Beginners

Beginners may want to color the side of their edge with a marker before filing it with their snowboard file guide, to help prevent them from filing more than necessary. When all of the marker ​ink has been removed from the edge, then the edge should be sharp.

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