Sheet-fed Press

Prints one page at a time

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The sheet-fed press prints on individual sheets of paper, as opposed to continuous rolls of paper used on web presses. Sheet-fed presses come in different sizes. Quick printers often use the small presses which print on letter size pages. The larger commercial sheet-fed presses handle much larger sheets of paper. Sheet-fed presses can also print on card stock, plastics, metal, and other substrates.

A sheet-fed press may consist of multiple print units that each print a different color of ink.

Some of the parts commonly found on a sheet-fed press, especially those used for offset printing include the printing plates and plate cylinder, blanket, and impression cylinder. 

The sheets of paper for the sheet-fed press are typically fed into the press sheetwise or using the work-and-turn or work-and-tumble methods. How the paper goes into the press affects how pages are imposed on the sheets of paper.

Alternate Spellings: sheetfed

Examples: Brochures, business cards, fliers, pamphlets, books, and booklets are typically printed on sheet-fed presses.