Shelley Esaak

Shelley Esaak is a writer, artist, educator and scholar who believes that the creative arts are vital to being human. True, a painting isn't food, a song won't provide shelter and a good story can't replace water. However, life without pictures, music and words would be bleak indeed.


Shelley has hands-on experience with a host of visual arts mediums and techniques, all of which have caused her to empathize with the labors of other artists.


Shelley majored in Illustration at Kendall College of Design, and Graphic Design with an Art History minor at The University of Michigan. 

Shelley Esaak

Art History is a magnificent tapestry of interwoven tales. I invite you to learn the stories behind your favorite artists and their works.

You can contact me at this email address. I'm always happy to hear your thoughts, learn of special exhibitions and events, consider a book for review, or offer an opinion on matters art-historic. Please understand that I cannot appraise works of art, and will not do homework.

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