What Does Shiawase Mean in Japanese?

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The Japanese word "shiawase," means fortune, good fortune and/or happiness.

A more formal term for good fortune is shiawase desu.”

Shiawase can be used by itself to mean “I’m happy” or as part of a longer sentence, such as:

Kimi wo shiawase ni suru. -- I will make you happy. (君を幸せにする)

Sentences Using Shiawase

Happiness lies above the clouds. -- Shiawase wa kumo no ue ni.

Happiness lies above the sky. -- Shiawase wa sora no ue ni.



fukou (不幸); fushiawase (不幸せ)


Shirayuki-hime wa ouji-sama to shiawaseni kurashimashita.


Snow White lived happily with the prince

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Learn the song "Shiawase nara te o tatakou (If You're Happy, Clap Your Hands)

Pronunciation of Shiawase in Japanese

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Japanese Characters for Shiawase

幸せ (しあわせ)

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