Shopping in Spanish

Words and Phrases You Can Use

Shopping in Spain
El Mercado Central de Valencia, España (Spain). 16:9clue/Creative Commons.

For many travelers, shopping is one of the most anticipated activities. If you are visiting a Spanish-speaking area and want to shop, whether that means buying souvenirs or going grocery shopping for the day, this list of words and phrases along with a basic knowledge of grammar and everyday vocabulary should make the task easier.

General Shopping Terms and Phrases

Consider learning basic terms to understand the type of stores you will be shopping at, including their location and hours. These key phrases will help you talk to a store manager, such as asking them what you want to try on or where the cash register is.

  • Abierto a las 10 — Open at 10
  • ¿Hay ...? — Are there ...? Do you have ...?
  • La caja; el cajero, la cajera — Cash register or place where payments are made; cashier
  • Gracias, muchas gracias, mil gracias — Thank you, thank you very much
  • No lo quiero. No los quiero. No la quiero. No las quiero. — I don't want it. (Lo and los are used to refer to things with a masculine name, la and las for things with a feminine name.)
  • Quiero ..., por favor. — I want ..., please.
  • Quisiera probarlo, por favor. — I would like to try it (on), please.
  • Quisiera ..., por favor. — I would like ..., please.
  • Voy a pensarlo. — I'll think about it.
  • Por favor — Please
  • Sólo quería mirar. — I'm only looking.
  • Vuelvo pronto. Vuelvo más tarde. — I'll come back soon. I'll come back later.

Words and Phrases for Understanding Cost and Value

One of the most important parts of shopping is budgeting. Knowing the value of what you are buying is a must when dealing with exchange rates, foreign currency and a new language. Use the following terms to calculate costs.

  • Barato — Cheap
  • Caro, cara — Expensive
  • Comprar — To buy
  • ¿Cuál es el cambio? — What is the exchange rate?
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta? ¿Cuánto cuestan? — How much does it cost? How much do they cost?
  • ¿Cuánto vale? ¿Cuánto valen? — How much is it worth? How much are they worth?
  • ¿Cuántos dólares? ¿Cuántos pesos? ¿Cuántos euros? — How much (in dollars)? How much (in pesos)? How much (in euros)?
  • ¿Dónde puedo comprar ...? — Where can I buy ...?
  • Descuento — Discount
  • En oferta, en oferta especial — On sale
  • Rebaja — Price reduction
  • De rebajas — On sale, at a discount
  • En venta, a la venta — For sale, on sale
  • Tarjeta de crédito; ¿Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito? — Credit card; Are credit cards accepted?
  • Vender, vendedor — To sell, seller

How to Describe the Items You Are Looking for

Looking for something specific? Ask an assistant if they have what you are looking for in a specific size, color or material. The more descriptive, the more they will be able to help you.

  • ¿Hay ... en otros colores? ¿Hay ... en otras tallas? — Do you have ... in other colors? Do you have ... in other sizes?
  • De buena calidad — Good quality
  • De mala calidad — Poor quality
  • Pequeño, pequeña — Small
  • Mediano, mediana — Medium (in size)
  • Grande — Large
  • Son muy bonitos. Son muy bonitas. — They're very pretty. (Bonitos is used to refer to things with a masculine name, bonitas if the name is feminine.)
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