Top 7 Golf Instructional DVDs for the Short Game and Putting

There are plenty of good instructional DVDs on the market that focus on the short game, or more narrowly on putting. These are our favorites, some of the top titles out there. (You can also check out our recommendations for Top Short-Game Instructional Books and Top Putting Instructional Books.)

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One of the modern short-game wizards teaches us how to improve our performance around the green. Phil Mickelson addresses putting, chipping, bunker play and the flop shot. He also manages to show off a couple trick shots. This is definitely best-of-class in this category of DVD - highly recommended.

Ninety minutes of instruction from Leadbetter on various aspects of the short game. The DVD is divided into four sections: putting, chipping, pitching and sand play. The DVD offers practice drills within each section.

The VHS version of Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way broke out the short-game instruction into its own videotape, which could be purchased separately. The DVD version of this instructional set is a 2-disc set, and short game and putting are covered on Disc 2. So you have to buy the full set to get the short-game stuff, but since this is considered a classic, that's not a bad thing.

Dave Pelz has been a short-game guru longer than the term "short game guru" has existed. In 2004, he had a weekly instructional series on the Golf Channel that focused on putting, and this 4-hour DVD gathers those episodes in one place.

This DVD packs a lot into only 43 minutes. But at only 43 minutes, it's not comprehensive - Haney covers the key short-game shots that will improve your score, and how to practice them. Sections on bunker play, chipping and pitching.

Yep, it's a companion DVD to the one listed right above. (You can also buy the Hank Haney's Essentials 4-pack, which includes the putting and short-game discs, along with The Full Swing and Strategy.) At 51 minutes long, this one focuses on fundamentals such as tempo; on making those short ones; on lag putting and avoiding three-putts; and green reading, among other topics.

This 60-minute instructional DVD takes the form of a competition. Jim Furyk and Fred Funk face off in various skills challenges, teaching as they go. Among the shots covered are the bump-and-run, chipping, buried lies, bunker play, lob shots, and putting from off the green. There are also recommended drills.