Sightings of Fairies and Little People - True Stories

Sightings and encounters with fairies, elves, leprechauns and other wee folk have been reported for centuries. Are they imaginary or something real? Here are some reports.
In Guanajuato, Mexico, gnomes or elves were see running around the kitchen at night. More »
"When he sat down to rest, he felt a rock zip right by his head. Thinking it was one of his brothers playing a trick on him, he yelled at them to stop. That's when he noticed tiny footprints in the soft dust under his feet." More »
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Dead Fairy Sighting

In the Philippines, Mary Ann sees something that she at first thinks is a toy, but then realizes it's not.

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Death of a Fairy

In Dibling, Texas, a 16-year-old witnesses the horrible death of a creature she believes to be a fairy.
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The Duende

Cousins see an elf-like creature around the rabbit cage.
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Faery Friends

One moonlit night, Marlene says she called to the faeries, and they came to her.
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Fairy Abduction

He wasn't little, this strange man Anya encountered, but she believes he was a fairy being, and he took her away.
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Fairy Crashes into Window

Rain is at work when she hears a thump at the window.... and no it wasn't a bird.

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The Fairy

In San Antonio, Texas, what Krystal first though were dragonflies turned out to be something more remarkable.
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Fairy Encounter

This beautiful encounter with a faery or brownie took place on May 31, 2008 in Wyoming, Pennsylvania.
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The Fairy and the Glove

In Minnesota, Sasha believes she heard a fairy humming.
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Fairy Party

In Chino, California, Joshua was dating a Wiccan who was crazy about fairies when....

What are the chances that when Mark is doing research on fairy lore that he encounters some? More »

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Fairy of Berkshire County

"When it did, we could still see the white wings fluttering behind it, but the creature that we saw running into the woods left my mother and I speechless...."
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Garbage-Eating Troll

When Ronnie and her son run out of gas, they see a troll rummaging through the trash.

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Gnome in the Closet

Katrina sees a small, man-like creature in the back of her closet.

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Lake Ariel Elf

Lissie says an elf-like being helped gather wood for her play fort.

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Gnomes of Golden West Park

"Two of the gnomes seemed like they were talking to one another, for they were facing each other and pacing back and forth together...."
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Laughing Little Person

An encounter with an inches-tall man with orange hair and leather clothes.
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Little Jack

Michele spies a little man walking across her play kitchen.
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Little Man in the Woods

Six-year-old Ben encounters a wee man in the woods.
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Leprechaun in Texas

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The Leprechaun of Parque Fundidora

"He looked up and saw a man, a rather small man, with a wrinkled face, tanned or burnt skin, and a long reddish beard the color of his skin...."
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Little Green Trolls

"On a few nights we would both be awakened to five or six green glowing men, what I can only describe as trolls...."
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Little Man of Buckingham Mountain

In 1985, J.B. encounters a little man while horseback riding.
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The Little Jester

A girl and her sister encounter an 8-inch tall fellow wearing a jester outfit.
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Little Man with Bracelets

Back in the early 1960s, Marcia says she saw a little man with blue and red bracelets.
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Little Men in the Car

Little Eddie sees tiny men in the car seat next to him.
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Little People of Olympic Mountains

In the mountain forests of Washington State, a grandfather sees a group of little men darting about.
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Little White Men

Report of two little men dressed in white -- like doctors!
Galen reports on the mishchievous little people in his area. More »
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Mini-Stonehenge Makers

Somebody made a little Stonehenge-like structure out of discarded bricks.
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My Friend, the Gnome

At age 4, Lizzie befriends a little gnome named Sebastian.
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The Little White People

In 1988, Leslie sees an entire room filled with white little people.
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Pink Men and Mince Pies

A woman bakes some mince pies only to have little men helping themselves to them.
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Sparkling Fairy

In her backyard, Lizzie sees a sparkling, tiny "human" girl with tiny red wings.
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Strange Little People

One night, granny sees six tiny white people walking on the plant's leaves.
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The Pixie's Prediction

A little creature, no bigger than a hand, makes the puzzling statement of "Twenty-sixth."
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The Fairies

In the light of a full moon, two girls come upon a mushroom fairy circle -- and possibly the fairies themselves.
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Three Little Folk

In San Diego, David claims to have seen three little folk standing there talking to each other.
While babysitting and watching TV, Rodney is taunted by mean little elves. More »
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Tiny Humanoids

Timothy says six little, 3- or 4-inch-tall human-like beings came out of the gas floor heater and walked around the the far side of the living room.
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Troll at the Cabinet

When CJ lived in La Quinta, California, she was sitting on her bed talking with a friend when she saw something run into the hall bathroom.

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Tormenting Little Creatures

"She said the creatures were about 18-24 inches tall with green skin, gnarly teeth, a single eye in the middle of their heads, and that they spoke telepathically...."
Michele sees a dark troll-like shape dart down the driveway of a house and toward a vehicle parked on the side of the road. More »
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The Visiting Gnome

"This little gnome was 12 to 14 inches tall. When the boys got older and wiser, the two of them one night were both overcome with fear, and the gnome was startled, too, and did not exit the door as usual, but he vanished through the solid concrete back wall of their bedroom closet...."
"I felt someone was touching me in the back again. I was lying on my side with my back facing the wall...." More »
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The Worried Leprechaun

"Out of my sleep I awoke to see standing next to my bed a man of 4 feet tall with a neon green light around him, emanating from him...."
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Elf or Chameleon in the Truck

"I turned my head as 'it' pulled up along side of us. The driver I saw had long flowing black hair...."
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My Extraordinary Companion

"Next to my street is an old church that is only used for council meetings nowadays, and as I passed I saw something that was about the same size of a toddler sitting on the church wall swinging its legs back and forth."
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Leprechaun in Texas

"At first I only saw his hat and head, his hair, dark and scraggly. An ornate type of metal buckle caught light on the front of his top hat as he looked around, like he had just come out of a mini portal of some sort and wasn't sure of his surroundings."
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Another Little Jester Sighting

Janelle is gratified to learn that she's not the only one who has seen this creature.
Gordie witnesses a mischievous owl attack a tiny little man. More »
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The Water Fairy

A young girl finds a strange creature in an Oregon pond. Was it a fairy?
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It Looked Like a Leprechaun

J. is touched in the night by a little entity.
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The Wood Gnome

"As I turned, in the brush line there was a small man in brown clothing, short in stature standing there. He was holding what looked like a staff while looking down at the ground...."
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The Leprechaun of Parque Fundidora

"He looked up and saw a man, a rather small man, with a wrinkled face, tanned or burnt skin, and a long reddish beard the color of his skin."
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Knows About Little People

"I'm half Native American (Creek) from Oklahoma, and although I haven't actually lived there in many years (due to joining the military), the things that I grew up hearing and seeing have never left me."
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Gnome on the Dresser

"When I looked in, I saw a small man sitting on top of the dresser with his back to the window, legs dangling over the dresser."
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The Coin and the Little Man

"The boy went to pick up the coin, but he looked up and saw what appeared to be a tiny man under the fence making a beckoning motion at him, as if asking him to come closer."
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Fairy Party

"I then felt some little "person" crawl over my legs and lay on my hip. The way I was sleeping was on my stomach where I could not see anything from the waist down, but I felt this person there, like the size of a cabbage patch doll."
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The Elf of Pymatuning Park

"He had medium-length blonde hair and was playing a recorder made of wood of some sort. He must've heard me, because he looked up at me. He had pointed ears and dark green eyes. He looked at me and smiled."
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Color Fairies

In 1996, a little girl has an encounter with a litte winged creature.