Sikh Baby Names Beginning With C

Spiritual Name Meanings

Charanpal Protector of the Lotus Feet
Charanpal Protector of the Lotus Feet. Photo © [Courtesy Charanpal Kaur]

Selecting a Sikh Name Beginning with C

Before you select a Sikh baby name, consider whether you would like it to have a spiritual meaning.  Sikhism names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib. Other Punjabi names may or may not have spiritual significance. Most of the Sikh baby names beginning with C listed here have spiritual meanings. English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script.

Different spellings may sound the same, and sometimes similar spellings may have subtle differences in sound.

  • Stand alone C sounds like an English k and represents Gurmukhi consonant Kakaa.
  • Ch sounds as spelled like English ch and represents Gurmukhi consonant Chachaa.
  • Chh sounds like English sh and represents Gurmukhi consonant Chhachhaa.

Spiritual names starting with C may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are suitable for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion). Many initiated Sikhs and some converts to Sikhism use the surname Khalsa.

Sikh Names Beginning With C

Carman - Doer
Chaetnnaa - Be aware of, reflect, remember, repeat the divine name, worship
Chaitan - Consciousness
Chaitandeep, Chataindip - Lamp of consciousness
Chajj - Wisdom, intelligence
Chakar - Servant
Chakkar - Ring, sharp circular spinning ring thrown as a weapon
Chalak - Alert, expert, ingenious
Chamak - Shining, splendorous
Chaman - Garden
Chamandeep - Garden lamp
Chamanjeet - Victory garden
Chamanroop - Beautiful garden
Chand, Chandani, Chandar, Chander - Moon
Chandarmohan, Chandermohan - Moon like attractiveness
Chandarpreet, Chanderpreet - Mooning like love
Chandan, Chanden - Sandalwood
Chandanvant, Chandenwant - Filled with the fragrance of Sandalwood
Chann - Beloved, light, wise
Chanan, Chanann - Spiritual light of the divine feet
Chananna, Chananni - Moonlight
Chanandeep, Chanandip - Illuminating lamp of the divine feet
Channan - Sandalwood Fragrance
Chanchal - Clever, lively
Chanchaljeet, Chanchaljit - Clever victory
Chanchalpreet - Lively lover
Charan - Lotus feet
Charanbir - Heroic feet of the brave
Chrandarshan - Vision of the lotus feet
Charandayal - Blessed by the lotus feet
Charandeep, Charandip - Illuminating lamp of the divine feet
Charandev - Feet of divine deity
Charanjeet - Victorious lotus feet
Charanjit - Victorious lotus feet
Charanjot - Light of the divine feet
Charanleen - Absorbed in the feet of the Divine
Charankaval, Charankawal - Lotus like feet of the Divine
Chraranpal - Protection or protector of the lotus feet
Charanpreet - Beloved feet of the Divine
Charanprem - In love with the feet of the Divine
Charanveer, Charanvir - Feet of the brave hero
Chathur - Cleverness
Chatan - Consciousness, Sentient
Chatar - Clever, wise
Chattarmeet - Intelligent friend
Chatarvant Chattarwant - Wisdom filled
Chattar - Wise
Chela - Disciple
Chet - Awareness
Chetan - Conscious, divine soul, perceptive, sentient being
Chetandeep - Lamp of consciousness
Chetak - Caring, Love
Chetna - To be aware of, reflect, remember, repeat the divine name, worship
Chehzaad - A prince
Chhab - Beauty, splendor, brilliance, fashion, form, figure
Chhabba - Gold or silver ornament
Chhail - Beautiful, handsome
Chhanak (a) - Tinkling, ringing
Chhap - Gold or silver ring, seal or stamp, insignia representing a lotus
Chintan - Meditate, ponder
Chintanpreet - Love of meditation
Chintanleen - Absorbed in meditation
Chiranjeev, Chiranjiv - Immortal being
Chirjeewan, Chirjivan - Longevity
Chit, Chitt - Awareness of heart and mind
Chitatam - Aware of the divine spirit
Chitdarshan - Vision of conscious awareness
Chitleen - Absorbed in awareness
Chitnam - Aware of the divine name
Chitnirranjan - Awareness of inner joy, joyful heart and mind
Chitnirmal - Immaculate heart, pure hearted
Chitnivas, Chittniwaas - Reside in awareness
Chitpal - Protector of awareness, clear heart
Chitpreet - An aware and loving heart
Chitprem - Beloved heart
Chitraman - Delight in conscious awareness
Chitsaroop - Supreme spirit
Chitar, Chittar - Awareness
Chitveer - Heroic awareness
Chitvichar - Reflection on conscious awareness