Sikh Baby Names Beginning With E

Spiritual Names and MEanings

Ekonkar - One Supreme Being
Ekonkar - One Supreme Being. Photo © [Courtesy Nelson]

Choosing a Sikh Name

As with most name of Indian origins, Sikh baby names have spiritual meanings. Many of the names beginning with E listed here are derived from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib. Others are Punjabi names that may be of regional influence. Nearly all Sikh baby names may be used interchangeably for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Phonetic Pronunciation

English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same, as some spellings may be shortened for convenience. Double vowels stress pronunciation that may have a different meaning if not spoken correctly. Spiritual names starting with E, or with prefix Ek, may be combined with a variety of other Sikh names to create unique baby names. Ek, Eck, and Eq should be pronounced with air held back, and may be pronounced Ik so that i sounds like the i in  lick, or aek, so that the vowels rhyme with ache. Ekh is aspirated and spoken with a puff of air.

Sikh Names Beginning With E

Eamanjot - Light of the heart, mind and soul
Eashar - Good godly one
Eashabir - Brave heroic godly one
Eashardeep - Light of One Supreme being
Easharjot - Light of One supreme being
Easharleen - Absorbed in One Supreme being
Easharnaam - Name of One Supreme being
Easharprem - Love of One Supreme being
Esharpreet - Beloved of One Supreme being
Eashartek - Support of One Supreme being
Easharveer - Brave heroic godly one
Easharvir - Brave heroic godly one
Ebadat - A prayer
Eckjeet - Victorious one
Eeman - Respectful one
Een - Law, regulation, rule, statute
Ekaagar - One Pointed, Meditative
Ekaj - This day, today, one day
Ekajab - Admiration of One supreme being, Wondrous One supreme being
Ekakal - One immortal being
Ekagar - One minded, absorbed in meditation of One
Ekam - United in One
Ekambir - One Heroic God
Ekamjeet - Victorious One
Ekamjit - Victorious One
Ekamjot - One Light of God
Ekamkar - Only One Creator
Ekampreet - Love of One God
Ekamprem - Love of the Supreme One
Ekampooj - Worshiper of One Supreme being
Ekamroop - Embodiment of the One Supreme being
Ekamjyot - One Light of God
Ekanjeet - Triumphant One Supreme Being
Ekanjit - Triumphant One
Ekanjot - One Light of God
Ekankar - Only One Creator
Ekanpreet - Love of One Supreme being
Ekant - Solitary, solitude
Ekas - One, singular, only one in the world
Ekbal - Mighty One
Ekdasi - servant or slave of One (God)
Ekdeep - One illumination lamp, region of One
Ekekh - One of the One Supreme Being
Ekete - The One Supreme being is here
Ekjeet - Victorious One
Ekjit - Victorious One
Ekjot - One light
Ekjoth - One light
Ekjas - One who praises
Ekjus - One who praises
Ekka - Unity
Ekkam - First One
Ekkirat - Honest one
Ekleen - Absorbed in One
Ekman - One heart, mind, and soul
Ekmanjot - One Supreme being is the illumination of heart, mind, and soul
Eknaath - One Supreme Lord Master
Eknath - One Supreme Lord Master
Eknoor - One Light
Ekohai - He is One Supreme
Ekonaam - Name of One Supreme being
Ekongkar - One Creative God
Ek Onkar - One Creative God
Ekpiaar - Beloved one
Ekpreet - Love of One One Supreme being
Ekprem - Affectionate love of One Supreme being
Ekpyar - Beloved of One Supreme being
Ekrajwant - Worthy of One Supreme Ruler
Ekram - One Supreme omniscient being
Ekroop - One beauteous form
Ekta - Unified
Ektal - Measure of One Supreme being
Ektha - Unified
Ekthiar - Masterful One
Ektuhee - Only One Thee
Ektuhi - Only One Thee
Ektuhin - Only One Thee
Eksaran - One refuge, sanctuary of One
Eku - Of One
Ekveer - Brave heroic one, brother of One
Ekvinderjit - singular victory of God in Heaven
Ekvir - Brave heroic one, brother of One
Eqbal - Mighty One
Eqbir - Brave heroic one
Erleen - Woman of noble birth, absorbed in nobleness
Ersheen - Beauty of the Supreme being
Eshaan - Radiance of One, splendorous one
Esharveer - Victorious almighty God
Esharvir - Victorious almighty God
Eshjeet - Victorious supreme being
Eshjit - Victorious supreme being
Eshleen - Absorbed in the Almighty
Eshmeet - Friend of the Goddess
Eshpal - Support of the Goddess
Eshpreet - Lover of the Goddess
Eshwar - Almighty God
Eshwara - Almighty Supreme being
Eshwinder - God and Goddess of heaven
Etebar - Belief, faith, trust
Etibar - Belief, faith, trust
Ettaleen - So much absorbed
Eveleen - Bringer of light, absorbed in illuminating