Sikh Baby Names Beginning With I

Spiritual Names Starting With I

Ishar - Almighty Supreme Being
Ishar - Almighty Supreme Being. Photo © [Rajnarind Kaur]

Choosing a Sikh Name

The Sikh baby names beginning with I listed here have spiritual meanings as do many Indian names. Sikhism names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib. Punjabi names may have popular regional influence.

Spiritual names starting with I may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are appropriate for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Phonetic Pronunciation

English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different phonetic spellings may sound the same, however Gurmukhi vowel sounds must be pronounced with care or name meanings may be altered. Spiritual names starting with the I, or with prefix Ik, may be combined with a variety of other Sikh names to create unique baby names

Sikh Names Beginning With I

Ibadat - Devotional adoration
Ikaj - This day, today, one day
Ikajab - Admiration of One supreme being, Wondrous One supreme being
Ikakal - One immortal being
Ikam - Entirely One
Ikambir - One Heroic God
Ikamjeet - Victorious One
Ikamjit - Victorious One
Ikamjot - One Light of God
Ikamkar - Only One Creator
Ikampreet - Love of One God
Ikamprem - Love of the Supreme One
Ikampooj - Worshiper of One Supreme being
Ikamroop - Embodiment of the One Supreme being
Ikamjyot - One Light of God
Ikanjeet - Triumphant One Supreme Being
Ikanjit - Triumphant One
Ikanjot - One Light of God
Ikankar - Only One Creator
Ikanpreet - Love of One Supreme being
Ikant - Solitary, solitude
Ikas - One, singular, only one in the world
Ikbal - One support, mighty one
Ikjas - Praise of One
Ikjodh - Warrior of One
Ikjot - One light
Ikjoth - One light
Ikjas - One who praises
Ikjus - One who praises
Ikka - Unity
Ikleen - Absorbed in One
Ikman - One heart, mind, and soul
Ikna - Someone
Iknaam - Name of One Supreme being
Iknath - One Supreme Lord Master
Iknoor - One Light
Ikmanjot - One Supreme being is the illumination of heart, mind, and soul
Ikongkar - One Creator
Ik Onkar - One Creator
Ikpiaar - Beloved one
Ikpreet - Love of One One Supreme being
Ikprem - Affectionate love of One Supreme being
Ikpyar - Beloved of One Supreme being
Ikrajwant - Worthy of One Supreme Ruler
Ikram - One Supreme omniscient being
Ikroop - One beauteous form
Ikta - Unified
Iktal - Measure of One Supreme being
Iktha - Unified
Ikthiar - Masterful One
Iktuhee - Only One Thee
Iktuhi - Only One Thee
Iktuhin - Only One Thee
Iku - Of One
Ikveer - Brave heroic one, brother of One
Ikvinderjit - singular victory of God in Heaven
Ikvir - Brave heroic one, brother of One
Ilam - Learning, knowledge, science
Imaan - Faith, honesty, fidelity
Iman - Faith, honesty, fidelity
Innaami - Recipient of a gift free of cost, tax, or toll
Inami - Recipient of a gift free of cost, tax, or toll
In - He, she, or it
Ind - Regent of the heavens and all deities
Indar - God of heaven
Inder - God of heaven
Inderbir - Heroic God of heaven
Inderjeet - Victorious God of heaven
Inderjit - Victorious God of heaven
Indermohan - God of heaven's sweetheart
Inderpal- God of Heaven's protection
Inderpreet - Lover of God of Heaven
Indir - God of heaven
Indirveer - God of heavens warrior
Indirvir - God of heavens warrior
Insaaf - Equity, fairness, impartiality, justice
Insaan - Mankind, humanity, kindness
Insaf - Equity, fairness, impartiality, justice
Insan - - Mankind, humanity, kindness
Iqba - Same, equal
Iqbal - One support, mighty one
Irleen - Woman of noble birth, absorbed in nobleness
Irsheen - Beauty of the Supreme being
Is -  This one, he, she, it
Isar - Almighty supreme being
Isha - Goddess
Ishaan - Radiance of One, splendorous one
Ishar - Almighty supreme being
Isharveer - Victorious almighty God
Isharvir - Victorious almighty God
Ishjeet - Victorious supreme being
Ishjit - Victorious supreme being
Ishk - Affection, love
Ishleen - Absorbed in the Almighty
Ishmeet - Friend of the Goddess
Ishpal - Support of the Goddess
Ishpreet - Lover of the Goddess
Isht - Beloved, belief, deity, desire for divine, faith, trust,
Ishwar - Supreme God or Goddess
Ishwara - Supreme God or Goddess
Ishwinder - God and Goddess of heaven
Isk - Affection, love
Ist - Beloved, belief, deity, desire for divine, faith, trust,
Isur - Almighty supreme being
Itbar - Belief, faith, trust
Itebar - Belief, faith, trust
Itibar - Belief, faith, trust
Ittaleen - So much absorbed
Ivaji - One officiating, acting
Iveleen - Bringer of light, absorbed in illuminating
Iwaji - One officiating, acting

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