Sikh Baby Names Beginning With Y

Spiritual Name Meanings

Yashvinder - One Who Praises God in Heaven
Yashvinder - One Who Praises God in Heaven. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Choosing a Sikh Name Begining with Y

Most Indian names, like many of the Sikh baby names beginning with Y listed here, have spiritual meanings. Some names are simply colloquial Punjabi. Before you select a Sikh baby name, consider whether you would like it to have a spiritual meaning. Devout Sikhs usually choose spiritual names based on the first letter of a random verse taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib.

English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different English spellings may sound the same. The letters of Gurmukhi Y and Gurmukhi J are sometimes pronounced similarly, so in some cases the meanings of names beginning with Y may be considered interchangeable with names that start with J. However, the Gurmukhi Y is always pronounced differently than Gurmukhi Jh so that the phonetic sounds they correspond to are not equivalent, and consequently the letters Y and Jh are never interchangeable .

Spiritual names that begin with Y are uncommon and may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are appropriate for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, every girl's name ends with Kaur (princess) and every boy's name ends with Singh (lion). Some families who have been initiated into Sikhism take the surname Khalsa.

Sikh Baby Names Beginning With Y

Yaad, Yad - One who remembers (God).

Yaadinder - One who remembers God in heaven.
Yaadleen - One absorbed in remembering God.
Yaadroop - One who remembers God's beauteous form.
Yaadvir - Heroic one who remembers God.
Yadbir,  - Brave  one who remembers God.
Yadvinder, Yadwinder - One who remembers God in heaven.
Yahoo - A name for God.
Yakh, Yakkh - One with honor.

Yakeen - Trust, belief.
Yakin - Trust, belief.
Yakoot, Yakut, - Precious ruby.
Yaameen - One who follows right (conduct).
Yar, Yaar - Intimate friend (God).
Yasaar, Yaasir - Ease.
Yasar - Wealth.
Yash - Fame, glory, praise, victory.
Yashbinder - Praiseworthy particle of the Glorious God of heaven.
Yashbir, - Glorious bravery.
Yashdeep, Yasdip - Glorious light, region of glory.
Yashdev - Glorious deity.
Yashjeet, Yasjit - Glorious victorious.
Yashleen - Absorbed in glorious remembrance of God.
Yashkeerat - Singer of glorious praise.
Yashnoor - Glorious splendorous light.
Yashmandir - One who gloriously praises in the temple.
Yashmeen - Praise of glorious distinction.
Yashminder - Lord of glory.
Yashpaal, Yashpal - Protector of glory.
Yashpreet - Lover of glory.
Yashveer - Heroic glory.
Yashvin, Yashwin - Gloriously praise God in heaven.
Yashvinder, Yashwinder - Glorious praiser of God in heaven.
Yashvant, Yashwant - Achiever who attains to glorious fame.
Yaskirat - Sing praises.
Yasmeen - Praise of distinction.
Yasmine - Jasmine flower.
Yasmin - Glorious Lord.
Yaspreet - Praise of beloved
Yatinpal - Preserver of ascetics.
Yeeshu - A name of God.
Yephat- Handsome.
Yodha - Heroic warrior.
Yogender, Yoginder - Union with God in heaven.

Yogesh - Union with God.
Yogeshpal - Protector of union with God.
Yogi - Aesthetic.
Yodha - Warrior.
Yudh - Heroic warrior.
Yudhjeet, Yudhjit - Victorious in war.
Yashjot - Glorious light.
Yuvleen - Absorbed in youth.
Yuvraj - Youthful king, prince.
Yuvrajbir - Brave youthful prince.
Yuvrajdeep, Yuvrajdip - Lamp, or region, of youthful king, prince.
Yuvrajmeet, Friend of youthful prince.
Yuvrajpal - Protector of youthful prince.
Yuvrajpreet- Love for youthful prince.
Yuvrani - Youthful queen, princess.
Yuvsher - Young powerful lion.