Sikh Hymn Affirming Perfect Wealth "Mil Satigur Dhan Pooraa Paaiaa"

"Meeting the True Enlightener, Perfect Wealth Is Received"

Das Vand Cash Offering
Das Vand Cash Offering. Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Sikhism teaches that the only true wealth is spiritual wealth, for divine wealth is perfect and absolute. The Sikh hymn, Mil Satigur Dhan Pooraa Paaiaa meaning "Meeting the True Enlightener, Perfect Wealth Is Received" is a composition by Fifth Guru Arjun Dev. In this shabad affirming spiritual wealth, Guru ji promises that one who banks the profit of naam, or the divine name, accumulates a kind of abundant wealth which never runs out.

Such riches cannot be stolen, or destroyed. Divine wealth brings with it an abundance of blessings which enriches the entire world. The recipient of such wealth is fulfilled and forever satiated, for only spiritual enrichment remains with one in the end.

Gurbani, or the hymns of Guru Granth Sahib, are written in Gurmukhi script. The phonetic English rendering is my own. Phonetic transliterations are sometimes shortened in the case of double letters for ease of reading. Romanized spelling of words transliterated into English letters may differ in various interpretations and translations, as there is no exact transliteration spelling standard.

The hymn Mil Satigur Dhan Pooraa Paaiaa may be sung or recited by anyone who wishing to attain the divine blessing of true spiritual wealth. As a meditation to experience the abundance of the divine, the shabad may be recited as often desired. As a focused discipline, the shabad may be recited:

  • Once each day for 10 days.
  • 5 times daily for 40 days.
  • 10 times daily for 90 days.
  • Morning and evening for one year.

"Aasaa mehalaa 5 ||
Aasaa, Fifth Mehla:

Kar kirpaa har pargattee aaiaa ||
Showing Mercy, the Lord reveals himself to me.
Mil satigur dhan pooraa paaiaa ||1||
Meeting the True Enlightener, perfect wealth I receive.


Aisaa har dhan sanchee-ai bhaa-ee ||
Such divine wealth should one accumulate O brother.
Bhaae na jaalai jal nehee ddoobai sang chhodd kar katahu na jaa-ee ||1|| rehao ||
It is not burned by fire, nor drowned by water, is forsaken not by society, nor goes anywhere. ||1||Pause||

Tott na aavai nikhutt na jaae ||
It suffers neither scarcity nor loss, nor is it exhausted.
Khaae kharach man rehiaa aghaae ||2||
Consuming or expending, the mind is replete and satiated. ||2||

So sach saahu jis ghar har dhan sanchaannaa ||
The true banker, is one within (whom) whose home divine wealth accumulates.
Iss dhan tae sabh jag varsaannaa ||3||
By such wealth, the entire world profits. ||3||

Tin har dhan paaiaa jis purab likhae kaa lehannaa ||
The recipient of divine wealth alone is pre-destined to receive it.
Jan naanak ant vaar naam gehnaa ||4||18||
Slave Nanak, at the final moment, the Name is the only ornamentation." ||4||18|| SGGS||375

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