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SikhiStore Personal Undergarment Knee Length Kachera Worn Open Under Kurta Knee Length Kachera Worn Open Under Kurta. Photo © [S Khalsa]

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UK based offers knee length kachera (kachhera), a personal undergarment and required wear for every Sikh. The kachera are cut and sewn on the bias making them flexible, comfortable, and modest during activity. Kachera are held up with a drawstring ( nala), are 55" wide across the top with a 9" knee opening ( paunche), and fit well when worn with either traditional Sikh apparel or modern Western style clothing.
The poly-cotton kachera size is measured from the waist to knee and is available in four lengths:
  • 18"
  • 20"
  • 22"
  • 24"


  • Suitable for both traditional and modern apparel.
  • Narrow opening at the knee protects modesty.
  • Comfortable and roomy yet sleek fitting.
  • May be worn by either men or women.
  • Poly-cotton is quick drying.


  • Not available at my neighborhood store.


  • 20" Knee Length Kachera.
  • Lightweight white poly-cotton fabric.
  • Tailored in Amritsar, India.
  • Diagonal cut stitched on bias.
  • Drawstring closure.
  • 55" inches wide at waist.
  • 20" from waistband to knee band.
  • 9" knee band (18" around knee).
  • About $9.25 USD + Postage (Pound and Euro converter save on S&H with multiple orders).

Guide Review - 20" Knee Length Kachera

Kachera and turban are required wear for every Sikh as stipulated by the Sikhism code of conduct. Kachera are also one of the Kakar five articles of faith, or 5 K's, required to be worn by initiated Amritdhari Sikhs.

In the USA where I live, two kachera are usually given, or otherwise made available, to initiates. I well remember the first time I wore kachera. They are so different from the Western concept of an undergarment that I felt completely overwhelmed by the change I had chosen to make in my life and I just had to go to sleep.

Before long I had become inured to change and embraced the comfort and ease of wearing kachera with traditional Sikh clothing, however found that they tended to bunch at the thigh and show when worn with close fitting Western style casual wear such as jeans or workout stretch pants. Never the less I became a kachera enthusiast. However it really requires a great deal of persistence to acquire kachera in the Western world. My only options have been to make kachera myself, travel and hope to find them for sale in a stall at a gurdwara during annual holiday festivals, or import them from India and pay exorbitant shipping. Each and every kachera fit and fabric has been different, sometimes markedly, making acquiring kachera something of a game of chance.

I didn't know what to expect when I received the SikhiStore knee length Kachera. I've read many times that kachera are to be worn to the knee and have seen Singhs wear that style, but have never had a properly fitting kachera until I opened the cellophane wrapper and put on Knee length kachera. I feel as though my world has changed for the better as they fit like a dream with out bunching or sagging.

I wore the 20" knee length kachera first with salvar kamees, a traditional style Punjabi ladies suit.

Next, I wore them under close fitting Western style skinny jeans and they did not bunch up at all at the thigh as usually happens, but stayed at the knee appearing sleek and trim. I asked an acquaintance who is not familiar with kachera if she could detect that I was wearing them, and when I informed her as to what kachera are, she expressed astonishment that they did not show beneath my clothing.

I washed the kachera and found that the poly-cotton fabric line dries very quickly. My next test was to have my 5' 10" tall husband try on the 20" knee length kachera. I have heard many complaints from him over the years about ill fitting kachera, but he loved they way knee length kachera fit. He is a yoga teacher and put them to the trial with yoga poses, the bir posture assumed during Khalsa initiation, and sitting cross legged for meditation, and found them to be entirely comfortable.

SikhiStore knee length kachera actually fit in the crotch, yet have ample room for male endowment, or the full figured womanly form. I am 5' 7" in height and tie the kachera just below the naval so that they reach to just above my knee. the knee length kachera do not ride up the leg, or bunch around the thigh, and are adaptable to any style of clothing. I cannot adequately express my satisfaction and appreciation at the all around comfort and fit of knee length kachera. Who knew? Apparently the Singhs at do.

*Sikhi Store is committed to providing high quality merchandise with upfront affordable pricing, international PaPal, shipping options and refund policy. Orders arrive in UK within 2 - 4 days, in Europe 4 - 6 days and in USA in about a week.

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