SikhiStore Double Sided Sarbloh Sri Sahib Kirpan: Review

SikhiStore All Iron Nine Inch Kirpan 9 Inch Kirpan 9 Inch Kirpan. Photo © [S Khalsa]

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SikhiStore online shop based in UK offers a nine inch all iron kirpan. The sarbloh Sri Sahib has a double sided decorative wooden sheath embossed with polished metal inlay. The kirpan itself measures a full inches from tip to tip and has a sharpened cutting edge. The sheath is six inches long with a three inch curve. When sheathed the kirpan measures nearly ten inches over all. The Sarbloh Sri Sahib is imported from Punjab where it is designed, and manufactured, by Taksali Singhs in Sabrawah.


  • Kirpan is well balanced when held in the hand.
  • Sri Sahib is well balanced when worn in sheath with gatra strap.
  • Decorative casing is highly polished so as not to snag clothing.
  • Khanda insignia may be symbolized in shaster (weaponry) display on rumala with two opposing kirpans both having the double sided decorative casing.
  • Supports Panthic industry in Punjab where produced.


  • Care must be taken with sarbloh to prevent rust.
  • Pattern of the hand crafted decorative design is not an exact mirror of the other side, though both sides are fully embellished and complimentary to each other.


  • Nine inch sarbloh Sri Sahib (solid iron kirpan) with double side decorative sheath.
  • 3 1/4 inch handle.
  • 5 3/4 inch blade with sharpened edge.
  • 6 inch sheath with 45 degree angle bend projecting 3 inches from outer edge.
  • Wooden sheath casing is inlaid with non magnetic bright silver tone and bronze tone metal cut work.
  • About $54.17 USD + Postage (Pound and Euro converter save on S&H with multiple orders)

Guide Review - Nine Inch Sarbloh Sri Sahib Kirpan

Sri Sahib is a respectful term for kirpan, the Sikh ceremonial short sword. The kirpan is one of five required articles of faith worn by every initiated Amritdari Sikh whether man, woman or child.

While no particular length is stipulated by the Sikhism code of conduct, The blade of the kirpan is usually a minimum of three inches with a range of five to seven inches being common, for nighttime or every day use working and the larger nine or twelve inch kirpan may be primarily worn during morning amritvela worship, or on ceremonial occasions. Some very devout Sikhs have a preference for wearing a kirpan made of sarbloh, or pure unadulterated magnetic iron.

The palm of my hand measures just about 3 inches in width and I found the nine inch sarbloh Sri Sahib kirpan to be a perfect fit for my grip, and well balanced. My 6'2" younger son, however, has a much larger palm and grip so his little finger hung over the top edge. I gripped the kirpan is such a way so that my little finger also went over the top edge, but found that even so, the unique design of the handle locked the kirpan securely in my fist. My husband, a real kirpan critic, held the nine inch sarbloh Sri Sahib a number of ways and declared it to be the best kirpan (of its price range) that he has ever held in his hand. My elder son agreed with his father's evaluation that the nine inch sarbloh Sri Sahib, of Taksal design, would make a solid and effective weapon.

The decorative sheath is rustproof and weighted well so it is perfectly balanced sleeve for the nine inch kirpan. The double sided nine inch sarbloh Sri Sahib is a comfortable size, and weight, and goes beautifully with the decorative adjustable gatra for a very elegant ensemble.

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