Simple Summer Solstice Rituals

The Sun is Your Muse

Edmund Lowe Photography for Getty Images.

It's the High Noon of the solar year.  And that's why Summer Solstice is a Sun-kissed celebration. 

The sunny themes are high vitality, strength, courage, empowerment, prosperity, health, fertility, male potency, big joy and passion.

If you're out to grab one or two simple ideas, keep in mind that the Sun is your Muse.  A simple ritual is one where you ally with the Sun to:

  • Give your dreams a sun burst boost or...
  • Charge your hidden talents and potentials.
  • Purify or drive away shadows or shadowy people.
  • Shine light on what you want to celebrate!

Peak Moment

As natural beings, we're already tuned in to the circadian clock of the day.  That word circadian comes from the Latin for around (circa) and day (dies).  The four main turning points of the solar round are marked by festivities that are an organic expression of the season.

The exuberance at Summer Solstice is part of the circadian rhythm of the year -- it's a highly charged time, as well as being a magical one.  The lore is that fairies and nature spirits are emboldened now. 

The crescendo can come with challenge, as all that's within you comes out for its time in the Sun. 

Summertime Resolve

The life-giving Sun and long days make it a good time to take action. 

Ritual Idea:  Take a favorite stone or crystal and first clear its energies by putting it in salt water, and in the Sun.

  Do that before the solstice, so you'll be ready for the next step.  And with the first light of Summer, position it on a windowsill or porch to soak up the rays. 

Then put it in a visible spot, or if it's small enough, carry it in your pocket or purse. 

I've always favored Citrine and its a good choice here, since it's said to carry the energies of the Sun.

  It's also a manifestation stone, to help you achieve your goals. 

Other gems associated with Summer Solstice are amber, carnelian or red jasper, sun stone and crystal quartz. 

Light on the Darkness

It's a great time to burn away bad vibes and habits. 

On Summer Solstice, the shadows are at their shortest, especially at the peak of the day.  And traditionally, this has been a time to drive away whatever or whomever is bedeviling you.  

The perennial plant St. John's Wort has the folk name of chase-devil, and it's used in tea to bring peaceful states.  It's considered a Midsummer plant, for its protection against all the demonic spirits wandering about on these days when the veil is said to be thin. 

If picked at Midsummer, the days around the Solstice, the potency is higher. 

Ritual Ideas (to Banish Negativity):

  • Take something that represents what you want to banish, and put it in the direct sunlight on the Solstice from dawn to Noon or beyond to sunset. 
  • With a nail, etch into a candle what you want to release, and then light it.  Some use white or black candles for banishing, which is a kind of spiritual purification, or you could use the neutral grey.  If you're particularly vexed by something (or someone), light the banishing candle in the days leading up to the Solstice, and then another for invoking your bright wishes.
  • Take a full body plunge -- to symbolically dive into the emotional depths, and emerge renewed.  The Solstice is the first day of the water sign Cancer, and a good one to welcome a cleanse of the physical and emotional body. 

Bloom and Radiate

  • Make your own flower garland for your hair, and don't forget the colored ribbon streamers that dance behind you.
  • Make a vision board collage with vivid images of what you'd like to manifest in your life.  You might have a simple theme, instead of specifics -- like More Joy, with images that illustrate that for you. 
  • Light a candle (red, orange or gold) and state your wish or prayer.  Surround it with the flowers of the season in bright or warm shades like zinnias, marigolds or sunflowers.