Simple Taoist Lifestyle Recommendations

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It's actually quite easy to maintain radiant good health, peace of mind, and a joyful feeling of contentment with our lives and the universe within which we live - all of which are important supports for (as well as the fruit of) Taoist practice. The key is to cultivate intelligent daily habits, and find a balance between being faithful to and relaxed around these choices.

  1. Follow Nature's Way

    Try to spend time every day in a place of inspiring natural beauty - or at least outside, in a garden or near a tree. Taoist practice has its roots in the close observation, appreciation and attunement to the wisdom of the natural world: the elemental rhythms of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. There is much to be gained, for the Taoist practitioner, from simply being in a forest, or near a lake or river, or in the mountains, with an attitude of openness, receptivity, curiosity and gratitude. It's a great way - for one thing - to supplement and balance our qi (chi). Even a ten minute walk outside, first thing in the morning - to say "hello" to the rising sun - can set a beautiful tone for the rest of your day.

    To keep your body resonating with the Earth's electromagnetic field -- instead of those emitted by our various man-made electrical and WiFi devises, I strongly recommend that you consider investing in one or more of EarthCalm's wonderful EMF-protection products. Two that I've reviewed on this site are the EarthCalm Nova Pendant and the Infinity Home Protection System. The sophisticated technology incorporated into these devises allows for a general stimulation and balancing of the body's acupuncture system -- our "analog nervous system" -- which activates the inherent intelligence of our bodymind's natural self-healing system.

  1. Choose Food That Nourishes & Heals

    Include in your diet an abundance of fresh, organic (and preferably locally-grown) fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If your diet includes dairy products, fish and meat, it's particularly important to select the organic varieties of these, whenever possible. Do your best to reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs. Instead, get "high" on a cup of yerba mate or a handful of raw cacao nibs, relax with a sixteen-ounce glass of fresh celery juice, and drink lots of fresh-filtered water!
  2. A Gentle Intestinal Cleanse Is A Good Thing!

    Every three to five years do an herbal intestinal cleanse and parasite-removal program. An excellent one - and my recommendation - is the "Dr. Natura" program. Parasites - from the very large to the microscopic, and found throughout the body - are arguably the world's number one (and largely unacknowledged) health problem. As we increase our vibration through qigong and other Taoist meditation practices, we create an internal environment in which the parasites are unable to survive. But until that time, doing a cleanse every now and again is a really good practice!
  1. Be Kind, Laugh & Play

    Cultivate an attitude of friendliness, kindness and compassion toward all living beings - including yourself! And allow time each day to simply play - alone or with friends. Letting our creative energy flow in a spontaneous and joyful way is a beautiful way to attune ourselves to the rhythms of the Tao.

  1. Loy Ching-Yuen's The Book of the Heart: Embracing the Tao is a collection of short verses by a modern Taoist Master, and a rich source of inspiration. I'd suggest keeping a copy close at hand, for those moments when an attitude adjustment is what's most needed. I've loved this little book, and think you will too. Some Other Inspiring Taoism Books

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