10 Simpsons Lines We All Say

Woo hoo! These eeeeeeeexcellent phrases are okily dokily!

The Simpsons has been on for so long that it’s become second nature. In the early days, you might recognize a Simpsons slogan from a T-shirt, but after 27+ years, we sometimes take it for granted how much of our lexicon comes from The Simpsons. Here are 10 of the most famous lines from The Simpsons. I’m sure you’ve said at least five of them in the last week!

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"Don't Have a Cow, Man"

Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson says "Don't have a cow, man.". TCFFC

It's been so long, I almost forgot the original Bart Simpson line, and I even used to wear the T-shirt! Some of the things Bart used to say are no longer considered controversial. I mean, would "Eat my shorts" really offend anyone today? But "Don't have a cow" has stood the test of time.

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"Release The Hounds"

Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns says "Release the hounds". TCFFC

Mr. Burns’ go to method of getting aggrieved parties off his property is to sick his dogs after him. Now that The Simpsons has been on nearly three decades, he’s had many opportunities to release the hounds. Most of us don’t have our own team of attack dogs, but metaphorically if we want to get rid of someone, we may say “release the hounds” anyway. 

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"Why you little!"

Homer Strangles Bart
Homer and Bart with celebrity guest stars on The Simpsons. TCFFC

Homer’s standard threat to Bart, usually followed by strangling him until Marge can break them up. You don’t have to be a parent to say it. You can scream it at a grown-up too. In real life, we’re all too decent to take it as far as strangulation, but a good “Why you little!” can be good for us.

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"Mmmmmm, __________"

Homer Simpson
"Mmmmmmm, donut...". TCFFC

Homer will drool over anything, even if it’s not food. So when you want to really savor something, it’s okay to give it a Homer Simpson moan and fill in the blank with your favorite food. 

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"Haw haw"

Nelson Muntz
Nelson says "Haw haw". TCFFC

Nelson, the school bully’s, trademark taunt is pretty self-explanatory. If something painful or embarrassing happens to someone, a good old “haw haw” is the perfect way to show how funny it is to everyone else. 

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"Worst _____ Ever!"

Comic Book Guy
"Worst Photo Ever". TCFFC

Comic Book Guy’s declaration of taste has become quite an addictive piece of hyperbole. Usually, he’s talking about the worst episode ever, be it an episode of The Simpsons itself or his own cardiac episode. But use it any time something doesn’t measure up to the rest. 

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"Hidely Ho/Okily Dokily"

Ned Flanders
"Hidely ho!". TCFFC

Ned Flanders’ unique way of speaking has become so contagious that people tend to repeat it without even realizing it. You can basically add “ily” to any word and talk like Ned Flanders, but his most popular greeting is the “Hidely ho.” A close second is the affirmative “okily dokily” to indicate assent or approval. 

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Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns says "Eeeeeeexcellent". TCFFC

Mr. Burns’ evil cackle whenever he gets his way, which is often because he’s rich and evil. You don’t have to be rich or evil to use this when something does go your way. I have heard nice people say it too, but maybe you get to have your own little Mr. Burns triumph and call it “eeeeeexcellent.”

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"Woo Hoo!"

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson says "Woo hoo!". TCFFC

Homer Simpson didn’t invent “Woo-Hoo” but he definitely made it cool again. Maybe it’s just decades of repetition, but what better way to express your pleasure than to shout “Woo hoo!” 

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Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson says "D'oh!". TCFFC

Of course, the most famous word invented by The Simpsons is Homer’s trademark line whenever he screws up, which is a lot. “D’oh” has caught on so much since The Simpsons that it is now even an official entry in Webster’s dictionary. If the Merriam brothers ever knew this would be in their dictionary, they might say “D’oh!” themselves!