Simran Khurana

Professor Simran Khurana uses the wisdom in quotations to electrify her classes. As a freelance writer Simran uses quotations to be persuasive.


Simran started her career as an English teacher. Her passion for quotations enriched her teaching. An avid collector of quotations, she constantly explores the nuances of quotations, cliches, idioms, proverbs, and aphorisms. Simran uses quotations as a training tool in her management training workshops.


Simran has an MBA degree in Human Resource Development and Management. Additionally, she is certified to teach grammar, usage, communication, and vocabulary.

Simran Khurana

Quotations are a source of inspiration. Let me show you how quotations can enrich your life and expression. Regardless of whether you are a quotations expert, or a novice trying to distinguish between "quote" and "quotation," I have something for you.

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