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What does the last name Singh mean?

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The Singh surname derives from the Sanskrit simha, meaning "lion." It was originally used by Rajput Hindus and is still a common surname for many North Indian Hindus. Sikhs, as a community, have adopted the name as a suffix to their own name, so you'll find it used as a surname by many of the Sikh faith.

Surname Origin 

Indian (Hindu)

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Famous People With the Surname SINGH

  • Milkha Singh - former Indian track and field sprinter known as The Flying Sikh
  • Bhagat Singh - Indian political activist
  • Sadhu Sundar Singh - Indian Christian missionary
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh - founder of the Sikh Empire

Where Do People With the SINGH Surname Live?

Singh is the 6th most common surname in the world, according to surname distribution data from Forebears, used by more than 36 million people. Singh is most commonly found in India, where it ranks 2nd in the nation. It is also especially common in Guyana (2nd), Fiji (4th), Trinidad and Tobago (5th), New Zealand (8th), Canada (32nd), South Africa (32nd), England (43rd), Poland (48th) and Australia (50th). Singh ranks 249th in the United States, where it is most common in New York, New Jersey, and California.

Within India, the Singh surname is most commonly found in the Maharashtra region, according to WorldNames PublicProfiler, followed by Delhi. The surname is also fairly common in New Zealand, including Manakua City, Papakura District and the Western Bay of Plenty District, as well as in the United Kingdom, particularly in the West Midlands.

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