Singing Practice Log for Posture and Inhalation

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Practice Log for Posture

Align your body from feet to ears for proper singing posture. Notice my head is back and my feet are shoulder width apart. Photo © Katrina Schmidt

Objective: Practice good singing posture.

Instructions: Practice each exercise once this week and at least two each day. Spend more time on what works best for you.

Cave the body inward creating a swayed back or C-body position, then thrust the chest forward and push the buttocks out. Fluctuate between each position several times. Now find a happy medium between the two. The chest should be high and buttocks in a neutral position. Body is relaxed.

  • Back Against Wall for Alignment

Stand with feet, back, and head against the wall. It may overcorrect a slouched position and be uncomfortable. Do it only for a minute and step away from the wall. Adjust your body slightly to allow for a more relaxed position. Walk in a large circle three times around the room with your knees, hips, shoulders, and ears aligned.

  • Touch Toes

Reach for your toes and allow your body to relax completely. Sway back and forth and then slowly rise stacking one vertebra at a time.

  • Sit on a Yoga Ball

Balancing on a yoga ball comfortably corrects spinal alignment. Do this for 2 minutes while singing a 5-note scale from the bottom to top of your vocal range.

  • Use Mirror

Observe your posture in a mirror while singing ‘ah’ on one note in the middle of your voice. Now sing up the scale on ‘ah’ one note at a time.

  • Practice Throughout the Day

Practice good posture as you walk, sit, or stand throughout the day.

Written Assignment: Write down one to three reasons why good posture is important for singing. Now write one to three reasons good posture improves your overall well-being. You may do your own research.

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Practice Log for Low Breathing

Placing a book on your abdomen will help you to observe low breathing. Book on Abdomen

Objective: Practice inhaling using the diaphragm.

Instructions: Pick four to five breathing exercises to practice daily. Be sure to try each one at least once.

  • Lie Down

Slowly inhale as you lie on your back. Relax as you do so and note the natural rise and fall of your stomach.

  • Lie Down with a Book On Your Stomach

The book should rise as you inhale and lower as you exhale.

  • Get on Your Hands and Knees

Allow gravity to help your stomach naturally lower as you inhale.

  • Stand and Inhale Covering One Nostril at a Time

This exercise allows most to breathe low while standing.

  • Pretend to Suck Through a Straw

Breathe in slowly through your mouth, exhale, and repeat. The constricted mouth position encourages slower and lower breathing.

  • Hold Two Heavy Objects in Either Hand While Standing

The weight of the object makes it hard to lift the chest as you inhale.

  • Lift Arms from Side to Side

Make a ‘T’ with your body. Like weights in either hand, the weight of your arms makes it harder to inhale using your chest.

  • Inhale with Surprise

Pretend shock and inhale quickly. Some find their diaphragm engages naturally when doing so.

  • Fat/Skinny

Move stomach out and in. Now connect breathing in with the stomach going out and breathing out with it returning to a neutral position.

  • Practice Breathing Throughout the Day

Breathe deeply during the day. Find one cue this week that will help you practice throughout your day. You might make a goal to breathe deeply every time you stand from a sitting position or every time you drink water.

Written Assignment: Report which exercises worked best for you and why that might be so. Explain how low breathing feels different in your body than chest breathing.