SIRUS Satellite Radio Personalities

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'Howard Stern's Birthday Bash' Presented By SiriusXM, Produced By Howard Stern Productions - Inside
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SIRIUS Satellite Radio offers a growing list of hosts across its various channels.

Many are well known DJs, talk show hosts and even celebrities who sometimes not only anchor special shows but in some instances oversee programming on individual streams (channels).

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SIRUS Satellite Radio Personalities


Howard SternBill Walton
Vincent PastoreTony Hawk
The KennedysSIRIUS NFL/124
Kenny SmithJim Breuer
MC LyteFred Schneider
Barry WilliamsBig '80s on 8
Kurtis BlowWavy Gravy
Mojo NixonShooter Jennings
Cowboy Jack ClementHillbilly Jim
David JohansenDave Marsh
Grandmaster FlashRobert Evans
Jay ThomasGary Burton
Adam CurryMatt Pinfield
Various Other SIRIUS PersonalitiesSIRIUS Satellite Radio Celebrity Producers/Partners
Bruce MorrowMartha Quinn
Marky RamoneJudith Regan
Bubba the Love SpongeFred Imus
Marty SniderDavid Poole
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo