Best Sites for Academic Software and Tech Deals

Sources for Discounts on Office Software Suites for Students or Teachers

School can get expensive fast, whether you are a parent of younger students or a college student sticking to a budget.

Here are sites to help you access the advantages of software and apps, by connecting you with great deals and resources!

Before you dive into a purchasing decision, I suggest checking my List of Student / Academic Office Software and Apps to make sure you've found the right product for you.

First, Check Your School Bookstore Tech Site

Academic Deals. (c) Tom Merton / Caiaimage / Getty Images

You may be surprised by local deals specific to your educational institution.

Often, these are listed on your school's bookstore site.

In some cases, specific software packages may also be coordinated with a specific course, helping you know you've got the right tool.

That said, you may be able to find better deals elsewhere, so it pays to look at these other options as well.

Pricegrabber can be used to search for tons of other things for your entire life. This link takes you ​directly to a search for office software.

Check it out! 

On this popular site, the subcategory of the main site offers deals for students.

This site has a high customer service satisfaction reputation, so you may want to check out other tech categories as well. More »

This link takes you to the Office Suites section of the Academic Superstore site.

I like the layout of this site because it gives a clear visual of how much you are saving over regular prices.

Find deals on Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, and other popular desktop or cloud office software suites and tools. You can also find categories for graphics software and more. More »

JourneyEd offers a lot of educational resources for instructors and students.

The main page of this site quickly shows their latest deals, but also check the Software tab for additional resources to help you at school. More »

Microsoft promotes student deals, student contests, student hardware and software solutions, and more on its official student site.

This is a great resource for students, but instructors may also find relevant solutions. More »

Microsoft is also constantly developing new technologies for instructors and administrators.

This site offers both solutions and a community of education professionals interested in technology for the classroom. More »

This is another fun, third-party site for deals on software, hardware, and more. More »

This site represents one of the most popular physical tech retailers that also has an online store. Find promotions and tech deals. More »

This site has a search feature for you to find out whether you qualify for an educational discount on software and hardware. More »

Microsoft features a ton of templates for different versions of Microsoft Office—so many that I’ve collected what I consider the Best Of for students and instructors or administrators. These templates are free! More »

Google Apps includes a free online office software suite you may already be familiar with.

Once you visit this page of templates for students and instructors, I suggest sorting by Highest Rating.

Many of these templates are free. More »