Things to Do Before Middle School is Over

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It​ may seem like your tween began middle school just a few months ago, but time has a way of passing us by. If your kid's middle school experience is coming to an end, there are a few ways you can help them remember their time and prepare for the high school experience. It will be here before you know it, so make sure your tween gets everything done before the final day of middle school.

Attend a Middle School Dance

If your child has avoided dances or other social gatherings while in middle school, now is the chance to attend one before the year is out. Encourage your kid to go to a school dance, carnival, concert, or other school function. If they are shy about going alone, have them gather a group of friends to attend together. Take pictures and give them suggestions on making it through the event if they feel awkward or out of place. 

Take Pictures

Your tween thinks that they'll remember everything from middle school forever, but that isn't the case. Encourage your kid to take photos of the school, friends, and even teachers. Have them go through their locker and binders for notes, handouts, or other items that would be fun to keep for later. If your tween is creative, they can combine photos and other items into a fun scrapbook to enjoy for years to come. If your family budget allows, purchase a yearbook so your child can have friends sign it to keep as a forever reminder.

Thank Their Teachers

Chances are your child had a few teachers during the middle school years that they liked and who had a positive impact. As the end of the year approaches, now's the time to thank them for all they did. Your kid can write personal thank you notes for their special teachers, or just leave a simple "Thank You" on the teacher's whiteboard as a surprise. If your child wants to do something special, they could bake brownies or pick out a special gift to show their gratitude.

Make a List of Top Memories

When your tween is older, they will have fun looking back on the middle school experience. Encourage your child to make lists of events, friends, teachers, classes, inside jokes, and special moments. They could even get friends involved by asking them for a list of favorite experiences. Tuck the lists away in their yearbook to enjoy reading later. 

Visit Your New High School

When middle school days are numbered, high school is just around the corner. See if your kid can visit the new school or attend a school orientation. Exploring a new campus will help your tween get excited about entering high school and it might even give them ideas about which activities to join or try. Also, encourage your kid to visit the high school website to learn more about classes, clubs, and other school events.

Plan a Graduation Party

If you're up for it, throw a party! Allow your tween to have a gathering of friends to bid farewell to middle school and say hello to high school. You could invite a few close friends, or make it a large shindig. Either way, food, music and a slideshow of pictures highlighting the previous year's best moments will help the children appreciate the past and prepare for the future.

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