Sizes of Double Bass

If you want to play the double bass, the first factor you must consider is how tall you are. Yes, your height matters when it comes to the double bass. The taller you are or the bigger your frame, the more easily you can handle playing the double bass. Generally, the size of the double bass that is commonly used is 3/4. Here are the different sizes of the double bass based on its body height (measurement from bottom to shoulder).
Note that these are only approximate measurements.

1/4 size - It measures 37.4 inches and is the smallest of the double bass. This is the size that's recommended for children.

1/2 size - It measures 40.2 inches and will be suitable for older children to adults who are around five feet four inches in height.

3/4 size - It measures 43.7 inches and is the size most commonly used by musicians.

4/4 size - It measures 45.7 inches and is the largest size of the double bass. Few players are capable of playing this size but some claim that it sounds better than the smaller double bass.

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