Ski Dubai - Indoor Ski Resort

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Ski Dubai - Mall of Emirates

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Ski Dubai is the Middle East's only indoor ski resort, and is also the largest snow dome in the world. Ski Dubai is located within the Mall of Emirates, which is pictured here. The Mall of Emirates is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, but it's more than just a mall - in addition to Ski Dubai, there's also a vast selection of dining options, a theater, a huge cinema complex, and Magic Planet, a two-level indoor theme park.

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Ski Dubai - Indoor Ski Hill

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The 22,500 sq. ft structure has 5 runs, which vary in difficulty from a black run to beginner slopes, with the longest run at 400 meters. The facility generates snow year-round, with temperatures maintained at 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit. The Freestyle Zone of Ski Dubai has various jumps and rails, which are frequently changed to keep the terrain just as dynamic as a real park.
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Ski Dubai - Family Activities & Observation

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Because Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates, it's a great option for vacationing families, as some members of the family can try out the slopes while others explore the Mall or watch the skiers on the hill. As pictured here, there's also plenty of space for observation for people who want to watch the skiing and snowboarding action on the hill. The Avalanche Cafe within the complex is a great meet-up spot, serving hot beverages, sandwiches and crepes.
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Ski Dubai - Winter Activities

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In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Ski Dubai has other winter activities, too. The Snow Park is the largest indoor snow park, with a twin track bobsled run, tobogganing hills and a snow cavern with interactive experiences for children. There's also chairlift rides available for skiers and non-skiers alike, as well as the Giant Ball, in which riders can hop in and roll down the slopes within a gigantic ball. Ski Dubai's snow penguins are also a popular attraction.
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Ski Dubai - Snow Cavern

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Ski Dubai's Snow Cavern has interactive features that entertain both children and adults. Some of the Snow Cavern's ice sculptures are pictured here. It also has a small "ice bridge" for children to play on, as well as a large ice dragon sculpture.
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Ski Dubai - Snow Penguins

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Ski Dubai houses a colony of Gentoo and King penguins. The penguins live in a high-quality habitat with a large pool, open top deck and daily fish banquets. Ski Dubai offers a variety of "Peng-Friend" encounters with underwater viewing and direct interactions with the penguins. Here's more on the Dubai penguins.

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Ski Dubai - Hours of Operation

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With so many activities within the Ski Dubai complex, it's not hard to fit them all in, as the indoor ski resort is open until 11 p.m. on weeknights and until midnight on the weekends. Because the dynamic is totally different from a real ski mountain, Ski Dubai can stay open a lot later, which means patrons can spend more time at the mountain or visit it as just one stop on their itinerary.

What makes Ski Dubai so convenient for skiers and snowboarders to come and go is their rental program. Obviously, most people wouldn't want to lug boots, skis and heavy ski clothes in the Mall of Emirates. To accommodate that, Ski Dubai offers rentals that are included in lift ticket costs.

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Ski Dubai - Lift Tickets & Rentals

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A two-hour ski pass at Ski Dubai costs roughly $50 U.S. dollars for adults, and about $30 U.S. dollars for children. A day pass is a bit more, at about $90 for adults and $75 for children. Lessons are available for additional costs, but equipment and clothing rentals are free.

These prices might seem costly given that Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort, and thus their terrain is much more limited than "real" ski resorts. So although expert skiers wouldn't exactly be challenged in Ski Dubai - or in any public snow dome, for that matter - it is a great way for adults and children in the Middle East to learn how to ski, or improve on their skills.

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