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There's no question that good ski goggles should be an essential on everybody's skiing checklist, especially in the cold and high wind of mid-winter. Save those cool sunglasses for a little later in the season, and make sure your goggles and lenses are clean and clear. Here is a good cross-section of goggles that will provide the quality and dependable eye protection is necessary for safe and enjoyable skiing.
Julbo Dolgan Sunglasses
The Julbo Bivouak are the world's first sunglasses with magnetic protective shields. The magnetic side shields increase protection against enhanced light reflection when on the snow or remove them for regular use such as hiking or apres ski - solar protection for any condition. The Wrap-around feature offer an extra-wide field of view and coverage while the polarized Camel lens filter out the UV rays reflected off the snow. This reduces glare and eye strain common while hiking and skiing on the snow. The wide lenses offer optimal coverage and are photochromic - darkening on those blubird days and allowing a lot of light in flat conditions. More »
It’s not often that you find a pair of ski goggles that are cute, comfortable and contribute to a good cause, but the VonZipper Chakra B4BC goggles fit that mold. Available in pink, the trademark color of breast cancer awareness, a portion of the goggles’ proceeds are donated to Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating young women about breast cancer while raising funds for the cause.

Julbo Orbiter - First Class series goggles are at the top of my list pursuing the best one-goggle-quiver for varying light conditions. Photochromatic lens, excellent ant-fog properties and the lens is spherical for better peripheral vision. Extender strap for even the biggest helmet and a tacky strip to keep them from sliding off. You'll hear more about these later.

With the excellent clarity provided by the polarization for full sun skiing and a comfortable fit, the Dragon Rogue Jet Polarized goggles made me forget I was wearing goggles - what more can you ask for - besides a nice plain black finish for stealthy skiers like me.
The UVEX Magic Goggle has a double lens that uses state-of-the-art liquid crystal technology to allow the switching of the lens from a high-contrast lens for flat light to a darker lens for sunny conditions.
Eclipse Ski Goggles

Inside the Eclipse ski goggles are a two pairs of polarized lenses arranged in two layers. These lenses provide standard glare protection, by blocking the light reflected off the snow or ice in front of you, and patented Continuous Variable Light Filtering.

The goggles are designed so one pair of polarized lenses is stationary. The second pair of lenses is rotatable, with the orientation controlled by a slider control mounted on the front of the goggles. More »

The Oakley A Frame Goggle comes in a variety of styles and different features, but any make of this goggle will work well. These goggles will protect your eyes from the glare of snow and sun, and they are designed to give you the widest-range of vision. Also, these goggles have "Ram-Air surge ports" that encourage air flow and prevent fogging. These Oakley goggles are definitely a great buy.

Smith Transit Regulator Series

Smith Transit Goggles. Courtesy PriceGrabber

If you're tired of fogged up lenses, these Smith goggles are good for you. Their ventilation system regulates air exchange and makes sure that your goggles are never foggy. Plus, clear lenses are cut for optimal snow contrast, so your vision will be great. Designed for excellence, these goggles will be comfortable, and they look sleek, too.

Scott Alias Goggle

Scott Alias Goggles. Courtesy PriceGrabber
The Scott Alias Goggles are specifically engineered, designed, and tested to provide optimal vision. These goggles will protect your eyes from the sun, while enhancing your vision on the snow. Features such as permanent anti-fogging protection, multi-layer foam padding, amplifier lenses, and ventilation make these Scott goggles a great investment. You will definitely notice how well these goggles perform once you're on the slopes!

Scott USA

Scott USA Radiant Goggles. Courtesy PriceGrabber
Scott USA ski goggles provide superior vision with Amplifier lens technology. The have Dual lens technology with No Fog treatment, 100% UV protection, Flow-through air vents, Hypoallergenic super-soft face foam, Adjustable strap, and Polycarbonate lenses. .

Anon Figment Goggle

Anon Figment Goggles. Courtesy PriceGrabber
If you want a pair of cool goggles, the Anon Figment Goggles are the goggles for you. Available in a variety of designs, these goggles are designed to fit well on many faces and allow extra vision. Great lenses allow you to see in many kinds of light. Because these are such great goggles, you won't be sacrificing quality for looking cool.
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While some ski goggle lenses work best in flat light, others are best for bright "blue bird" days. If you aren't sure where to start, here's a guide to ski goggle lens colors, including what ski goggles to buy, and what ski goggles are best for low light and sunny days. More »