Ski Selecting Tools

Find the Ski That's Right for You

Mike Doyle

Ski selecting tools are provided by ski manufacturers, ski shops and online ski sales web sites to help skiers find skis that will work for them. Using factors such as gender, type of skiing (racing, downhill, or off piste, for example), and ability, these ski selecting tools give you a list of what skis are right for you.

While not all ski brands use selecting tools, most organize their products in some way that will help you find the ski that’s best for you, such as indicating the skier ability and the snow conditions they recommend the particular ski for.


If you use a shop or online tool you usually will get a cross-section of different brands of skis that all fit your profile.

Below you will find a listing of the ski selecting tools.

How to Select the Best Skis for You
Here's more information on how to select the best skis for you, including how to select skis that match your ability level, your goals, and your terrain preference.