Ski Tips for Advanced Skiers

No matter how advanced of a skier you are, you can always improve. Even if you're confident on difficult trails, you should actively keep working on your form, technique, and balance, because it will only help your skiing. Also, there's another dimension of skiing that couldn't be more important for expert skiers: safety. Read on for advanced skiing tips.
Chalky White
It's important for advanced skiers to take a step back for a moment, and re-evalute their skiing form. Getting back to the basics - by minding the position of your hips, ankles, shoulders, and hands - will only make you more powerful and agile on your skis. Here's how, from Chalky White. More »
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Remembering to keep the toes up will help every skier - experts included - to keep the ankles flexed at all times and in differing terrain. As Chalky White says - "Never Forget - An Advanced Skier is a Beginner That Continues to Master The Basics (Remember Ankle Flex?)" - it's important for advanced skiers to come back to fundamentals of skiing as they progress. Here's how, from Chalky White. More »
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One of the hallmarks of advanced skiing is carving. If you're an advanced skier seeking to improve your turns, exaggeration drills can help. In this tip, Chip Dwyer and Steve O’Connor, both PSIA level III instructors, describe how exaggeration drills can help skiers turn smoothly, without skidding. More »
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If you've skied in powder, you can imagine how difficult it is to find a lost ski in the snowy depths of it. However, if you're going to take on the pow - as many advanced skiers love to do - you need to be prepared. It's important to be mindful of the perils of powder skiing, and the opportunity to lose a ski (possibly for good!) is one of them. Read up on how to find a lost ski in powder, in case it happens to you. More »

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So you've mastered the technique of maneuvering your way out of a fall without taking your skis off - great! Next, you need to know how to get up from a fall in soft, deep snow, especially if you plan on skiing powder. Here's how, from Mike Doyle. More »

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Most glades are black diamond runs, and rightfully so, because it takes agile turning and utter confidence in steering to make it down safely. Whether you're a first-time glade skier, or you made your tree-skiing debut many years ago, check out these tips and review glade skiing safety. More »

Skiing Off-Piste

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The backcountry, or "off-piste" as it is called in Europe, is the favorite place of some of the most advanced skiers. However, if you want to ski off piste, it requires more than solid skiing technique. You also have to be aware of many other factors, such as avalanche risk. Here's tips on off-piste skiing.