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A List of Skiing Fiction

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Reading can make the minutes fly by, so when you're waiting for the first snowflakes of winter or counting down the days until your ski vacation, dip into a book about skiing to pass the time. Although there's a plethora of non-fiction skiing books out there, with a little digging, you can get your hands on a good skiing novel, too. Here are some skiing books, include skiing novels and skiing fiction, currently on the market.

How I Came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren

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When Jill Anthony catches her husband cheating on her just weeks after she had a miscarriage, she flees Austin, Texas for Sparkle, Colorado, the small ski town where she grew up. There, she reunites with Lisa, her long lost best friend with romantic problems of her own, and her path also collides with Cassie, a ten-year-old girl who just lost her mother. With humor, wisdom, sadness, and joy in just the right places, McLaren's "breakthrough" novel captures the magic of a Colorado ski town and the people who call it home.

A Farewell to Skiing: A Novel by Kurt Larson

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Kurt Larson's novel revolves around Lars Svensson, an American ex-pat living in England. When Lars leaves England for the Alps, he's looking for some much-needed rest and relaxation—not romance. That all changes, though, when he meets Anabel, a fellow guest at his chalet. The author himself worked in England and skied in Europe, so the novel effectually captures ex-pat skiing life, in stream-of-consciousness style.

Double Black by Wendy Clinch

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Double Black is a light-hearted mystery novel with just the right balance of humor, romance, and suspense. Written by Wendy Clinch of notoriety, the novel tracks twenty-something Stacey Curtis' involvement in a murder mystery that shakes up a sleepy Vermont town called Spruce Peak. New Englanders will feel right at home with Clinch's intimate knowledge of New England ski life, but the pages will turn quick regardless. This is a good pick for the ski diva in your life.

Fade to White by Wendy Clinch

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Wendy Clinch returns to Stacey Curtis and Spruce Peak in her second Ski Diva mystery, Fade to White. Stacey's double-role as skier and sleuth picks up again when a Hollywood actor shoots a commercial in Spruce Peak, but then winds up dead. Another light-hearted but nonetheless suspenseful and intriguing page-turner from Clinch.

The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor

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The Lions of Lucerne's action-packed plot takes off from its starting point on the ski slopes of Utah, where the President of the United States is kidnapped and members of the Secret Service are killed. The novel follows the adventure of the one surviving agent, an ex-Navy SEAL, whose determination to find the President takes him all the way to the mountains in Switzerland. While The Lions of Lucerne is more a fast-paced thriller than a book about skiing, the snowy setting certainly adds an edge to the political drama of the plot.

L'Affaire by Diane Johnson

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L'Affaire, by Diane Johnson, is a New York Times Bestseller about a young Internet executive named Amy Hawkins who ditches California and skips town to Europe, with the goal of replacing her business ambitions with a more worldly (and worthy) cause. Amy's trip to Europe becomes a lot more exhilarating than she expects when an avalanche rolls in just days after her arrival; the novel chronicles the rest of her experience abroad.

To Hell in a Handbasket by Beth Groundwater

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Beth Groundwater's popular mystery series about gift basket designer Claire Hanover hits the slopes in the second installation of the series. When Claire is vacationing in Breckenridge, Colorado with her family, the sister of her daughter's boyfriend is found dead. When Claire notices that the death might not have been a tragic accident, her role as sleuth picks up again.

Snow Waste by Michael E. Bemis

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Snow Waste is a serious novel that probes at serious themes, both of humanity and of nature. Bemis probes at the dynamic between corporate greed and environmental awareness, weaving a complex tale through the varied perspectives of multi-dimensional characters. While the story, which is set at a Maine ski resort, is sure to leave a poignant impression on its readers by exploring the all-too-relevant issue of capitalism and environmentalism, its also a mystery novel, so the pages turn quick.

Loveland by Lisa Marie Mercer

Lisa Marie Mercer's debut novel, ​Loveland, arrives on the market in e-book form. The novel chronicles Mariel, a physical therapist in New York, and her experiences after she discovered that her late father, who was a mountaineering soldier killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, left money to Loveland Ski Area. With a varied cast of characters who weave an intriguing subplot beneath the main story, Loveland is a good read infused with a heavy dose of Colorado ski life.​