Skiing Megeve: Travel Tips

Mike "Megeve Mike" Beaudet. Copyright Mike Beaudet

Guest Author, Mike Beaudet, is a Colorado native who lives in France. Known as "Megeve Mike", he is the founder of Ski Pros Megeve.

Megeve Travel Tips

Renting a car at Geneva International Airport (GVA) or Taxi Transfer to Megeve, heart of the French Alps? You decide!

It is important to note that when coming to ski in the Alps, all ski areas are close by. The possibility of having a means of transportation will allow you a large amount of flexibility in more ways than one.

It's important to plan how to get to your destination area and back to the airport.

I’m talking about the possibility of going on day trips based from your base area. We, at Ski Pros Megeve, often do day trips and ski area tours in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps based from Megeve.

From Megeve you can easily ski four ski areas in less than a 25 minute drive, (subject to weather and road conditions)! If you’re willing to push your daily drive to one hour you can ski in Italy and get to French ski areas that will give you access to Swiss Alps areas!

A nice little restaurant, at the end of the day, in each ski area you visit is not to be resisted and allows you to taste the local fare which can change due to the specificities of each region and valley!

Renting a Car

When renting your car insist that you take possession on the Swiss side "sector" of the Geneva Airport and NOT the French side!

When booking online be sure to select Switzerland as your destination country to ensure your rental is at the Swiss side.

This is most important as the car that you hire will be equipped, standard, with: snow chains, a ski rack, and a Swiss Auto Route Pass. This will save you in drop-off charges and tolls, ease of transporting skis, and driving distance as the French side is much farther to get into and out of than the Swiss side is to the destination ski areas.

Should you rent on the French side, all of the above is an extra! Also, try and gas up when possible in Switzerland as it less expensive.

Airport Options

If you are flying in to ski the French Alps and Megeve you have the following possibilities - Chambery Airport, Geneva Airport, and Grenoble Airport are all approximately one hour’s drive away. This makes Megeve a highly accessible ski destination, even for a long weekend, from any airport in the UK. Leave the UK at 08:00 and you’re on the pistes by 12:00 noon! Be aware that the above can vary depending upon traffic and weather conditions.

Driving Directions

From Geneva, you will go to the A40 direction Mont Blanc/Chamonix and turn off at Sallanches and travel about 17 kilometers in the direction of Albertville, to Megeve.

Driving Directions - Bad Weather:
If you drive from Grenoble and Chambery, direction A 41- E712, to Annecy/Geneva/La Roche sur Foron, get on the A40 direction Mont Blanc/Chamonix and turn off at Sallanches. It's then about 17 kilometers in the direction of Albertville, to Megeve.

Good Weather Alternative:
If you drive from Grenoble: A 41- E712 to the A 430 direction Albertville. Take the N212 at Albertville up the beautiful "Gorges de Arly" to Megeve.

Please note, however, that this route can be closed due to rock and mud slides and traffic can be a problem!

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