Skiing Tips

Getty Images / Doug Berry

These skiing tips and techniques will help you get started on the ski slopes if you're a beginner, and refine your technique if you're a more experienced skier. There are also some tips for getting ready to take your kids to the slopes. 

Skiing Tips for Beginners

A beginner-level skier may be someone who's trying out skiing for the first time or anyone who's been skiing many times but still feels most comfortable on "green" beginner runs.

The following tips will help beginners learn the basics and start developing essential techniques. 

Intermediate / Expert Skiing Tips

An intermediate skier is comfortable on "blue," or intermediate, runs. He or she steers and controls speed by making standard (parallel) turns, not by slowplowing (gliding wedge) and can effectively stop on steep slopes. An expert skiier is comfortable on all types of ski-resort runs but may want to develop specific skills, such as tree-skiing or attacking steep mogul runs.   

Tips for Taking Kids Skiing

Kids are more natural skiers than most adults starting out, and they tend to pick it up more quickly. But it's important to keep kids of all ages on appropriate terrain for their skills.

Learning to ski is all about controlling speed; if they're able to slow down and stop -- by themselves -- whenever they need to, they're on the right slope.