Skiing With Kids

Gear, Lessons and Tips for Taking Children Skiing

Taking the time to prepare for skiing with kids can go a long way in ensuring that everyone has fun on the mountain. Here's advice on when and where to take your children skiing, gear, lesson programs, what to wear, and what you'll need to buy.

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Skiing can be an enriching experience for both kids and adults. If you're eager to get your child on the slopes, it's important to remember that many factors come into play in a child's ability to ski. Here's a guide to deciding on whether it's time to get started on the slopes. More »

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Before you take your child to the mountain, it's a good idea to gradually introduce him or her to skiing. Here's a guide to introducing your child to downhill skiing. More »
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In order to introduce your child to skiing, the first thing you need to make sure your child has is a waterproof winter jacket and snow pants. Another option is a snowsuit, but, these can prove difficult when it comes to using the restroom at the mountain. Investing in a waterproof, insulated set of jacket and pants will keep your child warm and happy. More »

Get Ready to Go Skiing

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While there's no doubt that taking your kids skiing can be an exhausting experience, that doesn’t mean that it can't be fun. As long as you’re prepared for the experience, a day on the slopes can be a fun and fulfilling experience for both parents and children. Here are some tips for getting ready to take your kids skiing.
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Once you've put in the hard work of preparing for a day on the slopes with children, though, it's important to make the most of your ski day. Here's how to have a safe, successful, and fun skiing experience with your kids. More »

Buying Kids Ski Gear

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If you decide to buy ski equipment instead of renting, look for an inclusive kids ski package that includes all the gear you need - including skis, boots, and a helmet. Be sure, as well, to select equipment that is the appropriate size for the height and weight of your child.

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When evaluating lesson programs for young children, make sure they are geared to the appropriate age group, as well as ability of the child. The ski area should have a bunny slope for beginning skiers. More »

Best Family Ski Resorts

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Planning a family ski vacation? At the top ski resorts that focus on families you'll find everything you need for a great vacation - including accessible lodging, ski lessons, and on and off the slope activities for the entire family.
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Are you ready to take your family on a ski vacation? It's important to choose a ski resort that is geared towards families and children. Here's how to plan a family ski vacation that will work for all level skiers and riders. More »
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