SLIDESHOW: Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos

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Storm Clouds Gather Over New York

Fake Storm Photos - Hurricane Sandy
Status: Photoshopped - This composite image was actually created in Sep. 2010 after tornadoes touched down in Brooklyn and Queens. Image source: Facebook
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Hurricane Sandy Descending on NYC

Hurricane Sandy Hoax Photo
Status: Misrepresented - This real image of a thunderstorm gathering over Manhattan (credited to Charles Menjivar) originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal in April 2011. Image source: Twitter
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Hurricane Sandy Off Coast of Virginia

Hurricane Sandy Off the Coast of Virginia
Status: Misrepresented - This authentic image of a supercell thunderstorm dates from 2005. When last we saw it, folks were claiming it documented the approach of Hurricane Isaac in Aug. 2012. Image source: Facebook
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Giant Wave Engulfs Statue of Liberty

Hurricane Sandy Wave Engulfs Statue of Liberty
Status: Photoshopped / Misrepresented - This is a still shot from the 2004 film The Day After Tomorrow with a NY1-TV logo superimposed. Image source: Twitter
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Giant Wave Inundates Manhattan

Hurricane Sandy Tidal Wave Manhattan
Status: Misrepresented - Did you notice the World Trade Center in the background? This image is actually a still shot from the 1998 science fiction film Deep Impact. Image source: Twitter
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Shark Sighting #1

Hurricane Sandy Shark
Status: Photoshopped - Another oldie-but-goodie. This doctored image first circulated in Aug. 2011 during Hurricane Irene, with the claim that sharks were seen swimming through the flooded streets of Puerto Rico. Image source: Facebook
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Shark Sighting #2

Status: Photoshopped - Supposedly a photo of a shark swimming the streets of Brigantine, New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy, this image was actually created by superimposing an existing image of a shark fin over a snapshot of real flooding. Image source: Facebook
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Shark Sighting #3

Status: Photoshopped - Another composite image, again supposedly showing a shark spotted in New Jersey. The original shark photo can be viewed on Flickr. Image source: Facebook
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Shark Sighting #4

Status: Photoshopped - Dating from June 2012, this composite image was originally captioned as follows: "Giant shark tank collapses in Kuwait. Sharks end up swimming in shopping mall lobby.". Image source: Facebook
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Flooded McDonald's

Flooded Mcdonald's Hurricane Sandy Hoax
Status: Misrepresented - This is actually a promo image for an "art video" made in 2009 entitled " Flooded McDonald's.". Image source: Facebook
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Satellite Photo of Hurricane Sandy Blackout

Hurricane Sandy Blackout
Status: Photoshopped - This bogus "satellite image" was actually concocted in 2003, when it was alleged to document a massive blackout in the northeastern U.S. on Aug. 14th of that year. (Cf. actual NASA image of 2012 Hurricane Sandy blackout.). Source: Facebook
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Godzilla Arrives

Hurricane Sandy Godzilla
Status: Photoshopped To the best of my knowledge, no actual sightings of Japanese movie monster Godzilla were reported in connection with Hurricane Sandy. Image source: Facebook
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Cowering Statue of Liberty

Source: Twitter
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Hello Kitty!

Source: Instagram
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Status: Real??? - Cast of characters: Godzilla, Alien Queen, Statue of Liberty, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Jaws, Flying Saucers. Image source: Facebook