Slot Club Cards

Young couple playing slot machine
Hitoshi Nishimura / Getty Images

The most valuable card in the casino is not found on any of the tables. It is the “Comp Card” and you will find it at the players club. Also known as Slot Club Card, this little piece of plastic is worth a lot more than the average player might think.

Years ago only the table players were the ones to receive a Comp which is short for complimentary. This is a sort of rebate the casino returns to you for your loyalty.

It can come in the form of free meals, rooms or shows. In the last 15 years, the casinos have come to realize that the ​slot players are the “Bread and Butter” of the casino business. They make more profit from the machines than the table games. Years ago table games account for the majority of the casinos' profits. No 75-80 % of the profit comes from slot players.

The “Slot Clubs” were born in Atlantic City in the early 1980’s when the casinos there were trying to find a way to keep players from hopping from one casino to the next. By offering a reward for their loyalty they were able to keep the player coming back. Now slot clubs are found in most major casinos. The cards are not just for slots. Most casinos combine the table games and slot machines into one player’s card.​

Everyone can earn comps that include, rooms, food, shows, and in some cases a cash rebate. By signing up for a card you will also be eligible to receive information about special promotions that may be going on at your favorite casino.

Earning comps is a way of getting something extra for you casino dollar. But you can’t get them if you don’t have a card.

It amazes me to see people sinking their money into a machine without having a card inserted in the card reader. I have occasionally asked people why they don’t use a card and have received several different answers.

The most common answer is: “I don’t play enough to earn anything.” You would be surprised to see how quickly points can add up. Most players sit at a machine and will put back the small wins into the machines. The casinos call this “Churn”. It’s not uncommon to churn hundreds of dollars through a machine in an hour's playing time. Why not get some extra return on those hundreds.

Another misconception I hear from players is: “When I use my card the machine knows and doesn’t pay off.”. This is probably one of the most common myth that players believe. There is no connection between the card reader and the slot machine. There is NO WAY that using a card will affect the way a machine pays.

Other players tell me they are afraid to sign up because they don’t want to give out their address to the casino. The casino cannot send you any promotions if they don’t have your address. I do not hesitate to sing up for a card whenever I visit a new casino. I am surprised at the number of offers that come my way every couple of weeks. Many ​casinos are also using the same card for slots and table games. For people that play both, this is will help your rating. The best advice is to sign up and use your card.

NEVER put a single coin in the machine until after you have inserted your card. Get paid to play!