Smoke Bomb Fountain Firework

How to Make a Smoke Bomb Fountain Firework

You can make a fountain firework using the homemade smoke bomb recipe.
You can make a fountain firework using the homemade smoke bomb recipe. Srividya Vanamamalai / EyeEm / Getty Images

Kick the traditional smoke bomb recipe up a notch to make a firework fountain that shoots purple flames with lots of smoke. This is a fun and easy homemade firework project. Plus, it's economical. You can get a long-lasting display for quite a lot less money than it would cost to purchase a fountain firework.

Smoke Bomb Fountain Materials

  • sugar
  • potassium nitrate (sold as saltpeter or stump remover)
  • toilet paper tube
  • aluminum foil

Construct the Smoke Bomb Fountain

This is the traditional homemade smoke bomb, except instead of making small cookie-sized smoke bombs, you pour the smoke bomb mixture into a toilet paper tube. You wrap the outside of the tube with foil so that the smoke and fire will escape out the top of the tube. Finally, you take the fountain outside and light the edge of the toilet paper tube.

  1. Wrap the bottom and sides of an empty toilet paper tube with aluminum foil. The purpose of the foil is to direct the fountain upward.
  2. In a skillet, mix together 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of potassium nitrate.
  3. Stir the mixture over medium heat.
  4. Continue cooking the smoke bomb fountain mixture until it is brown and well-mixed.

    Remove the mixture from heat and pour or spoon it into the foil-wrapped tube. Allow the tube to cool so you can handle it.

  5. Take the fountain firework outdoors and place it on a fire-safe surface, away from trees or buildings.
  1. Light the toilet paper tube on fire with a long-handled lighter or match. Move away from the fountain.
  2. After the firework is done, douse the area with water to make sure the fire is out.
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