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Sage Smudge Stick
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Question: I smudged a friend's house last week as her soon to be ex-husband had moved out and she didn't like the energy in the house. She wanted to remove his energy. I just learned tonight that as I was smudging she got heavier and heavier feeling and ended up being profoundly depressed and exhausted and laid on the couch for the rest of the weekend. When she went to her healer the woman told her that I'd let in dark energy all through the house and it had attached to my friend causing the exhaustion. She worked with my friend's energy for a long while and got her "rebuilt" energetically and said she may have to come out and re-smudge the house. I've never heard of any such thing. Can you help me understand this?
~ Peggy

Response from Rose - Dear Peggy, first I would like to make clear that the following is intended to come from a place of teaching, not of judgment.

Smudging is a way of clearing a space of hucha (Quechua word meaning heavy energy), with the assistance of a spirit ally by burning a dried form of plant material (sage, cedar, palo santo wood, etc.). Before beginning you should open cabinet and closet doors in all the rooms so that the smoke can get in every nook and cranny and so that stuck energy can’t hide. You should also open windows and doors throughout the space to allow the smoke and heavy energy to flow outside.

Your next step should be to ask the plant spirit ally for assistance, and to set your intention. Like any other form of healing the intention should come from a place of emotional non-attachment—the focus should not be personal.

The process of divorce is fraught with emotion as one would expect when a relationship between two people ends.

In this instance your friend’s intention for the clearing was to “remove” the energy of her soon-to-be-ex-husband, which is somewhat of a more negative than positive intention.

Clearing someone else’s space is an act of responsibility, and should be done with a clear focus and when one is well grounded, energetically clear and emotionally unattached.

It is very easy when working with a friend who is going through a breakup to take sides, which may have influenced both of your intentions when clearing and caused your friend’s energy to be more susceptible to the heavy energy.

And having a kind of "tunnel vision" focus for a specific energy can also result in a lack of awareness of what is happening in the bigger picture—in this case the fact that your friend was experiencing a response to the clearing—and can open the door to the possibility of attracting an energetic backlash.

Setting a Positive Intention

It is better under such circumstances to take the approach of setting your intention to simply clear the space of any energy that is holding your friend back from moving forward. Doing so does not personalize the intention and is a much safer.

After the house has been cleared it is also a good idea to clear the energy fields of anyone present by smudging them and yourself as well. Energy fields are permeable and can be more vulnerable to outside energy when we are going through a difficult time.

While your intention to help your friend in a time of trouble is certainly a positive one, sometimes it is better, as the old expression goes, to teach her to fish rather than giving her a fish.

After a failed relationship the ability to stand in your own power often needs healing and support. Perhaps you might consider sharing what you know about how to clear space with your friend, which could be a wonderfully empowering act—for both of you—making it an even greater gift of loving care.

Bad Luck Be Gone - Purging Negative Energy

Reader Question: I have been having a lot of bad luck in my personal and professional life. I work very hard at everything and somehow somebody or something comes along and destroys everything. It seems that it is people who are close to me that bring about the destruction. It also seems that mentally sick people keep getting attracted to me and I have to spend a lot of time and energy to push them away. I am a reasonable adult who does not drink or smoke who has a normal average lifestyle. I do not have any pets.

Response from Rose: Dear Galan, you quite clearly describe a pattern in your life. The good news is that awareness is more than half the battle to creating more of what you want, and less of what you don't.

There is a Peruvian word, hucha, which is used to describe heavy energy, something Westerners call negative energy. I prefer the term hucha since it does not carry the stigma of judgment. We all want less hucha and more sami, or light energy, in our lives.

In the energy world like attracts like. If your energy body has imprints of old trauma or inherited familial patterns, it will attract more of the same energy or hucha. And how that energy manifests as a rhythm, causing us to get stuck in one dance pattern rather than being able to move freely through many.

The universe has our best interests at heart, constantly offering us opportunities to change; unfortunately to us the opportunities often feel like challenges and unwanted drama, making it difficult for us to embrace change with joy, or to know what to change.

To understand how this pattern operates I'll use the example of an adult who was raised in an abusive environment.

It is well documented that victims of childhood abuse will unconsciously gravitate to relationships that contain the same pattern. From an energetic perspective they are repeating aspects of the situation over and over in an attempt to confront and heal it--repeating the steps they know so well over and over again.

For example, a child who grew up with a parent (or parents) that constantly told them that they were bad, useless, unwanted or worthless will not only have self-esteem issues, he/she will often choose a partner that perpetuates that pattern. And the pattern is pervasive, spilling over into our choice of friends, work relationships and casual encounters.

What is needed to shift the pattern is to track the originating event/energy, release it, and re-integrate energetically. It is a process that should be approached with as much support as possible since you not only need to shift the energy of the steps, you also need to learn new ones.

Training in Reiki gives you the benefit of access to self-healing support 24/7, but I would also suggest sessions with energy professionals and possibly talk therapy for integration.

Patterns are not usually changed overnight as there are layers to them and steps in the healing process. With each layer removed, and each step along the path, greater ease and freedom will be felt, and different energy will enter into your life.

As you change so will the people around you. At first they may attempt to force you to keep to the same old dance. Stand in your power, and feel the energy of your new steps. Eventually the other dancer must make a choice--to change their dance to match yours, opting to change how they interact with you, or to change dance partners. Be assured that new, and healthier, relationships will take their place.

Best wishes for a life filled with joy and freedom as you dance with the energy! Rose De Dan,
Animal Reiki Shaman

Disclaimer: Rose De Dan shares insights derived from spirit and through animal communication. Any advice she offers is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care.